• Hospital Manager

    Cynthia Johnson

    Cynthia Johnson has joined VCA Palo Alto. She grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where she was raised as a farm kid and to respect all walks of life. In 2000, she met her husband, Jason, who is a computer genius. When Jason’s career advanced, they moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2007 and again to the California Bay Area, January 2015. She started her educational goals by earning her Bachelors degree in biology at the University of South Dakota and continued to advance to her MBA in Pennsylvania at Delaware Valley University, all while working as a veterinary assistant at various clinics and hospitals. She is a very active person who enjoys being outdoors hiking, running and kickboxing; but her passion is being a horsewoman. If she has a few free hours, chances are, she would spend that time at the barn or getting lost on a trail with one of her two Arabian mares. Her other fur children include two Corgis (Red Dog and Duke) and two cats (Midian and Anon).