Laurel Berger-Bishop, DVM, Medical Director

DVM, University of Georgia


I grew up in Norway, Tanzania and Kenya, and came to the US to go to college.  Growing up overseas was a great adventure, and biology has always been a primary interest in my life.  This interest was fueled by a mother who was a parasitologist, and of course being in places where we spent all our vacations on safari in the bush.

This interest in biology led me into research as a career, and I worked in various fields including marine biology, plant pathology, chemical analysis and phytoremidiation before deciding to go back to school for my DVM at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine.

Here at VCA Palmetto Animal Hospital I work mainly with cats and dogs, but I also love to see reptiles and amphibians. My areas of special interest include acupuncture, stem cell therapy and therapeutic laser.  I love to teach, and feel like it is important as a veterinarian to be able to communicate information to clients that can help them care for their pets in the best possible way.  I myself strive to continue to learn and improve my skills and knowledge, so that I can offer the highest quality medicine to all clients and their animals.  I also believe in caring, personal service for each individual client and patient, tailored to fit individual needs.

My husband (the love of my life) and I have 5 furry children: 3 Pomeranians, a rescued American Eskimo and a Georgia Yard Cat.