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Published: Feb 14, 2012

If you are relocating, your pets may not take to the sudden change of environment too kindly, but there are ways you can ease the transition for your furry friends. Cats tend to be a bit more resistant to moving to a new home compared to dogs, according to VCA Animal Hospitals, but even canines can have trouble adjusting to new surroundings, especially if there is a variation in routines or new people or pets to whom they must adapt.

When it comes to bringing a dog into a new home, there will likely be little difficulty if there are no new pets or people to get used to. Bringing along toys, food dishes and other familiar items can ease the process even further, VCA reports. If there are new people or pets, introduce them to the dog before the move.

Cats tend to be a bit more wily when they are uprooted, but gradually getting them used to the idea of moving by introducing them to moving boxes and cat carriers can help keep them calm on the big day, according to the ASPCA. Moving can even cause cat illness like stress or anxiety.

Once in the new home, the organization recommends keeping the cat in one room so it can adjust to the new location gradually. Placing treats around the room can encourage him to explore, and introducing him to one room at a time after the initial period can make it easier for the cat to adjust to his new living situation.