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VCA Palm Beach County Animal Hospital offers local compassionate health care for your pet.

Our caring team of doctors, technicians and receptionists offer you a wonderful, "you're-part-of-the-family" feeling at every visit.

Our convenient hours make it easy for us to accommodate your needs.

Local Medical Issues

There are many preventive measures you can take to prevent problems for your pet that are common to the local area. Mosquitoes are a huge concern due to the year-round warm weather here in south Florida. They carry heartworm disease, and can infect even inside pets if they are not protected on a monthly basis with heartworm prevention. The large amount of rain that occurs in south Florida is a contributor to intestinal parasites, which can be brought in by the dirt on your shoes. Again, monthly heartworm preventative can help protect your pet from the most common of these parasites. Monthly flea and tick prevention is also recommended to prevent infestation in the home and on your pet. Swallowing fleas can cause tapeworms in the intestinal tract, which if left untreated, could become a serious issue. Just as for people, allergies tend to be a problem in South Florida. Excessive biting and scratching, crying, hair loss and red ears can all be signs of allergies.