VCA Pahle Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Thank you

-Kris from Milwaukee, WI
Pet Name: Bailey

I wanted to send my thanks to the staff at Pahle Animal Hospital for their compassion during the recent loss of my pet. This especially holds true for Dr. Jewell. My dog had been struggling with bladder cancer and when Bailey became too weak to fight anymore, Dr. Jewell handled the end of her life with the utmost compassion. I am very grateful for the care he provided her, and his kind words to me at a very difficult and sad time.


-Vickie Hein from Greenfield, WI
Pet Name: Mufasa

When we were faced with the sadness and grief of having to transition our 19 year old Somali cat, Mufasa, the staff at VCA Pahle was wonderful. Dr. Jewell is exactly as his name is..."a jewel"! His comforting demeanor and respectful manner with us and our cat will never be forgotten.

Heartfelt Care

-Linda from Milwaukee, WI
Pet Name: Niles

I want to thank the entire staff of VCA Pahle for the wonderful care they took over the last 10+ years of my pets. I lost my best friend of 17 years (my sweet cat Niles) on 2/17/12 and received the most touching phone call from Dr. Jewel when he found out. His incredible love and tender care of Niles in the last years of his life will never be forgotten by me.

Remembering Riley

-Geri Stanke from New Berlin, WI
Pet Name: Riley

It's been two weeks since my beautiful Riley, age 2 and a half, suddenly became ill and I was told there was no hope of recovery. Although I am still beyond grief and find this difficult to write, I wanted to thank your entire staff the for kind and consoling support during this painful process.
I've been coming to your clinic since 1983 and have had to say good-bye to three other dogs, but losing Riley at such a young age and so suddenly has left me in a state of extreme sadness.
Thank you, again, for many years of excellent care for all of my dogs in good times and bad.

Doctors really do care

Pet Name: noel

Euthanasia is pretty much a routine at any given animal hospital. But for most of us, it's only done every 15 years or so if we're lucky enough to have a healthy pet. The doctors at VCA Pahle make that act feel anything but routine. They make you feel as though they know your pet just as well as you do and truly are genuine in their emotions. You wouldn't think they would share your feelings of loss with you, but they do. Dr. Jewel-you're a Gem and that's no pun! Thank you helping us through our loss. N&K Zalewski

The Greatness of Pahle Hospital

-elaine from greendale, WI
Pet Name: Sarah

I am so happy to have found an animal hospital like Pahle. The Techs, receptionists are awesome! Dr. Jewell is a kind, compassionate doctor. He doesn't give up on any treatment for your pet. The staff are also warm, and show their concern. Thank you all!

Why Pahle's

-Wayne Chamberlain from Milwaukee, WI
Pet Name: Gabrielle

I and my parents (both deceased), had used the Pahle clinic for as far back as I can remember. After a hiatus of some 43 years, my wife and I decided to get a small dog. There are a lot of Vet Clinic's closer to our house, but Pahle's Pet Hospital became our choice. Gabrielle, our mini-schnauzer and has been given wonderful care. We had her signed up for the "Best Care Puppy Pkg," and were able to save some money as well.

Always Heartfelt Care

-Linda Mae from Milwaukee, WI
Pet Name: Niles and Dudley

Dr. Jewell has been taking care of both of my cats, Dudley & Niles for 10 years. He saw me through Niles' diabetes and abscessed teeth with tender care for him and comforting words with me. I had to put Niles to sleep on 2/17/12 suddenly after a trip to the ER and a diagnosis of a stroke and partial blindness (he was 17 years old). Dr. Jewell sent the most wonderful card and also called and left a comforting voicemail message for me. What was one of the worst days of my life was made a little easier because of his compassion.