VCA Pacific Petcare Animal Hospital Testimonials

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I LOVE Pacific Pet Care

-Marcy Krueger from Cardiff by the Sea, CA
Pet Name: AVA & KEENAN. Aka K-Man!!!

I love Pacific Pet Care & here's why! The office is "state of the art" & is always clean, neat & orderly! And, as an added bonus.... The coffee is always on! The VCA Pacific Pet Care staff is very friendly & also professional! We love coming in early, to "chat" with the girls & exchange "pet stories"! Dr Ball is an amazing compassionate & very knowledgeable Veterinarian! Dr Ball treats you like FAMILY - human and pets!! Dr Ball always goes that "extra mile" because he cares so much & it's quite evident that Dr Ball LOVES what he does!!! On a personal note..... I have brought both my "babies" to Dr Ball Our Giant Schnauzer had a toe "issue" and Dr Ball's treatment was conservative - but, after no improvement, Dr Ball recommended amputating the toe..... But not before explaining everything & every procedure that he would be doing - that gave me such a feeling of relief!!!! The surgery was performed perfectly & yes, it was Cancer - but Dr Ball GOT IT ALL & Keenan has been in perfect health since, all do to Dr Ball's follow up! Then, on an emergency basis , Dr Ball saw our mischievous Airedale when she ate a large amount of Zinc Oxide powder! (Don't ask!) Dr Ball got our baby through it all.... Without any repercussions!!! Not only do I trust Dr Ball completely with ANY emergency and routine care...... He's also awesome at CALMING A VERY NERVOUS MOMMA DOWN!!!! This is why we LOVE Pacific Pet Care!!!!!! Gary & Marcy Krueger & Keenan & Ava!!!!

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Best vet we've ever had!

-Tori Otis from Carlsbad, CA
Pet Name: Ella and Emmit

The vets at VCA Pacific Petcare simply love animals. We have two dogs and have been seen by all three vets at the hospital. All were wonderful, patient, and kind to my dogs. Our dog Ella tore the crucial ligament in her rear leg. Dr. Soares managed her care after the first surgery and was wonderful. A year later, we were back when Ella tore her other crucial ligament. This time, we worked with Dr. Smith for her recovery, including physical therapy for 8 weeks post-op. As we both worked full time, Dr. Smith invited us to drop Ella off in the morning and pick her up in the evening. After her treatments, Dr. Smith let Ella relax in her office rather than in a kennel. Ella is a nervous dog and this meant a lot to us and I am positive it kept her calm during an intense recovery period. We moved to the United Kingdom in January 2015, and the staff at VCA Pacific Petcare helped us immensely with this process, from initial paperwork to helping figure out a vaccine schedule. I don't know that many places would be so helpful when they know for a fact they are losing your business (although obviously not by choice!). Simply put, they wanted our dogs to have a safe and easy transition to their new country. With their help, we did. Finally, Ella slipped and fell and was exhibiting lameness on one of the legs that was operated on after we had moved. I called and left a voicemail hoping that Dr. Smith might be able to shed some light on what had happened and if Ella would recover on her own or need surgery. Dr. Smith responded to me via email the very same day, although we are 8 hours ahead in time and an ocean away. While we have a vet in the UK, nothing can replace the time Dr. Smith as spent with Ella and knows her well. We are not her patients anymore and she still took the time to review Ella's file and speak with me! She truly wants my dogs to be healthy and happy, and it shows. The full staff is wonderful, Drs. Smith, Soares, and Ball included. I also wanted to mention Tina, head of reception, who is a wonderful, kind woman, who remembers me and my family and comments on things that have happened months ago. We miss VCA Pacific Petcare dearly and will be back should we move back to San Diego! (Picture attached is Ella's first day of physical therapy with Dr. Smith!)