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A New New Cat Owner

-Alliy from Tacoma, WA
Pet Name: Marlow

I have never in my life owned a cat however when an opportunity came up to get one I couldn't hold back. This is when Marlow entered my life. He is a little devil at times being, only 2 months old... this is understandable. However I had no idea what to panic about and what not to, as well as wanting to give him the best (of everything) possible. I went to them for my first appointment and they were so helping in informing me of everything I needed to know. A week later when he was having problems with his eye we went in. I was running late and a little batty. I also had made a list of everything I wanted to ask the vet.... I might had scared her with that. However they answered ALL my questions! They were extremely helpfully. While all this was going on, Marlow was being a terror in the room. Everything and anything he wanted to play with was his. He didn't sit still at all. Thankfully they were all fine with this and encouraged him to run around. I can't explain how grateful I was for all their help and making sure Marlow was well and happy. I will be going back there for all his needs. I have truly found a wonderful friend when it comes to keeping my cat safe.

A compassionate and caring team was waiting.

-John Rich from Lakewood, WA
Pet Name: Fifi Rich

On the morning of March 11, 2015 our family experienced a very sad and heartbreaking event with the passing of our beloved pet toy poodle Ms. Fifi. She has been apart of our family for 18 years. We did not know what to do or who to call for assistance when she passed. This happened shortly after 1:00a.m. through the tears and heartbreak I managed to call our families VCA to ask for help and that is when the most kind and caring member of their night emergency vet. team extended his hand and was there to take care of our family. His name is "Clay" and the way he and his support staff member took care of our most loved pet and the time they gave us to say our goodbyes was unlimited and we are so grateful to have had Clay's help and thank him and VCA for taking care of us in our time of need. R.I.P. Fifi We will always love and remember you!