Features This Month

20% off Dental Cleanings through March 31, 2015!

Frequent Boarders
Stay 9 days get the 10th day FREE!  Ask about our Frequent Boarding cards!

Pet A Stinker?
Visit our groomer, Sarah, after 9 baths the 10th one is FREE!
*This does not apply to haircuts only bath portion is discounted.

Microchips by HomeAgain!
Microchipping is the most reliable way to identify your pet.  Collars come off and tags get lost.   While this doesn't offer "GPS" protection, it does provide permanent identification.  The microchip is implanted between the shoulders and cannot be seen or felt.   Microchips can protect you and your pet from theft and, even worse, euthanasia due to being lost.  It is also cost-effective at only $34.99 and includes 1st year of registration.  Ask us about micro-chipping your pet TODAY!