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-Gordon Family from Greenwood Village, CO
Pet Name: Makeda

We want to thank VCA Orchard Animal Hospital so very much for taking care of our cat Makeda, Paul and I during the last few weeks. We had no idea about diabetes in cats, and you were very patient helping us learn about this and how to treat this disease in our cherished Makeda. We always felt like we were in such good hands and that you had our and Makeda's best interests in mind. A special thank you to Dr. Watrous for answering so many of our questions over and over again and for trying so many different things to see if they would work. You truly made this journey one that gives us a great deal of comfort knowing we did all we could. Dr. McCarthy was so kind to us that last day when we knew it was time to say good-bye. Paige and Rusty, I know Makeda didn't like the pokes and sticks, but you showed us how to do it with the least amount of trauma. Your own stories that you shared taking care of your own sick pets made us feel we were not alone. Tracy, your clay paw print of Makeda will be a treasure - thank you for such a personal gift and memory.

Great staff

-Mantis from Greenwood Village, CO
Pet Name: Sadie

I have been going to this hospital for many years - long before it became a VCA hospital. Last week my dog Sadie cut her paw at the park so I called them right away in a panic. The receptionist told me to come right in. The technicians were ready for us when we pulled into the parking lot and reassured me that she would be okay. The technicians and doctors took great care of her. They seem to really care and treated her as they would their own dog. I'll definitely be back - but hopefully not too soon!

What else can I say

-Angela Moore from Greenwood Village, CO
Pet Name: Binkey, Diablo, Mini, Mickey

Our family has been a long time client of this clinic even before it was VCA. We have only had positive experiences and a wonderful attentive staff. 2 of our dogs were so well taken care of here before their deaths over the last 2 years. The caring, warmth, and compassion just keeps us coming back. We have seen new faces and turnover but the quality of care remains the same. I only wish MDs took the same amount of time and care with their patients as the Vets here take with our wonderful pets!! Thanks to all!!


-Vlasta Sneberger from Greenwood Village, CO
Pet Name: Tommy

Dear Dr. McCarthy and Staff,

Thank you so much for the clay remembrance of my dear Tommy's footprints, and the lovely "Cat Heaven" book. Your heartfelt sympathy messages inscribed in the book are very touching and comforting.

Through the years that Tommy has been coming to your office, he received the very best care from you, which undoubtedly prolonged his life to the venerable age of 18 years.

The bonds we form with our pets are so strong as they become such a big part of our lives.

Tommy was my "good boy", my buddy, and I miss him so very much.
I appreciate everything you have done for him.

Vlasta Sneberger

Wonderful Veterinary Practice

-Howard C. from Aurora, CO
Pet Name: Sydney

I recently visited for the first time with my newly adopted adult Australian Cattle Dog and visited on a follow-up two days later when my dog started showing signs of kennel cough. Both visits were easy to schedule and both Drs. McCarthy and Kerr were wonderful with both my dog and me. The entire staff, including the hospital manager and vet techs, were warm caring and highly professional. I could not be happier with my experiences and recommend this practice without reservation.

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Team effort

-Roger and Christine Olson from CENTENNIAL, CO
Pet Name: Lacy

It's been almost a month and it's still too quiet around the house. 14 years (12 with us) of fun, love and companionship had to come to an end, it was time. We struggled, as many do, with was the time right, could our girl still be a happy dog or were we not doing what she needed us to do for our own selfish reasons. Lacy had lived this long for a few reasons. Good parents (we loved her so much) and her health caretakers at VCA. From the first time to her final visit Lacy received the best possible care from every single person she interacted with at your facility. Her final trip, while as sad we could possibly stand, was filled with coaching, kind words, assurance and a peaceful graceful departure from our lives. We will never be able to thank for all you did for our beautiful shepherd Lacy for the full length of her life with us. We appreciate each and every one of you and your skill in caring for our beloved pets and us humans too. With gratitude, Roger and Christine Olson and our dear Lacy