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The Best Vet Ever

-Brenda Wilkes from Tampa, FL
Pet Name: Liebchen and Gretchen

My deceased husband and I took our two beloved dogs, Liebchen and Gretchen to Dr. Athey for eight years when we lived in Deltona. He is by far the most caring, and devoted vet we ever had. Our Gretchen was given exploratory surgery by Dr. Athey and he discovered she had pancreatitis. Dr. Athey's expertise brought her back to a healthy, happy dog, who lived many years afterward.
We could never thank him enough.

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Our Cat Simba

-Cindy Myint from Orange City, FL
Pet Name: Simba

Simba is a feral cat that came to live with my husband Jimmy and myself in the summer of 1995. We have been taking him to The Orange City Animal Hospital since he was 6-8 weeks old. In August of 2006 he was diagnosed with CRF, which means he cannot filter and remove waste products from his blood. It has now been almost four years and due to the great care and me following the advice of the doctors and staff, Simba seems to be living quite a normal life. I love this place and so does Simba!

Best place,in good hands for your pets

-Gail from Orange city, FL
Pet Name: zelda

I been in more than a few places...for my Animals, in the past. But VCA Orange City Animal Hospital. IS the best there is in the State of Fl. I will not Take my dog Zelda to no other
place.If I had to go 30 miles out of my way,I would.If you want you pets,feel safe,and in the Best of care,take them to Orange city Animal Hospital.Trust me you will not go wrong.Zelda thinks is play time,when she went for a Bath.She wag her tail when we open the door.Not scared a bit.when she was real sick,they were so nice,and caring.they went out of there way for her,they took the time
for my dog Zelda.Just trust me.there the Best there is.I could go on and on,but it well take to long.

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The BEST Doctor, and he gives back

-Sherry Fox from ORANGE CITY, FL
Pet Name: Tinkerbelle W on the brink

I have been taking all of my dogs and cats to Dr. A for over 20 years. This means that he has kept all my rescued adoptees healthy, and unfortunately had to also assist by gently sending some into the next life where they have no more pain. The one consistency in all that time was his COMPASSION, and his knack for getting us through the tough times with his calm empathy. The gratitude I have for him is beyond words, and every single one of my pets, past and present, trusted him completely� In my book - that says it all. Once again on May 26, he totally amazed me.

I was boarding a client/friends cocker in my home, who could not even get up by herself anymore because she was dragging around a tumor, almost the size of a basketball. With the owner's consent I bought her in for a second opinion with Dr. Athey just to see if she had any chance of a real life again at all, since the owner was trying to prepare herself for the end.

Though she had cancer, Dr A. thought that he could indeed remove the mass, so that she would at least have some quality of life with whatever time was left. (the owner was previously led to believe otherwise at another practice). Well she was scheduled for surgery Thurs. Am., but Wed. PM- Thurs. Am she,"Tinkerbelle", had quickly developed a secondary condition, and I was unsure that she would make it through the night to even get the surgery. The owner and I were praying and crying that she could just hang on for a few hours till Dr. Athey opened in the am. She hung on, and there is no doubt in our minds that Once again, God performed a miracle against all odds, using the skill of Dr. Athey's hands and his caring nature to give this wonderful 10 year old another chance at life. Today June 2, she was walking with her head up, and went in for her check-up, walking like a 6 month old puppy. I know that there are some Drs. Who would not have even TRIED to bring her through that situation, And we are forever grateful to God and Dr. Athey (who's heart always seems to be in the right place)!

The support staff there are also top notch, always there to assist with a good attitude, and even on the worst of days they wear their best smile, which is not always so easy with the stressful situations that occur in the helping fields. Many thanks to VCA!

Sherry Fox, Orange City,

And thanks from all my current critters, Jolene, Gypsy, Eve, Seven, Kitty and Moses.

Also the ones resting with God, Brandy, Sheba, Athena and Boots

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-Tinkerbelle from ORANGE CITY, FL
Pet Name: Tinkerbelle w one week after surgery

Thank you so much for giving me back my ability to walk again. I wasn't feeling so good, and I was getting kinda tired of laying on my side all the time.That thing that grew on me was very heavy, and hard to drag around. You'll always be my hero!
I Ruff you!

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-Donna Noel from Deltona, FL
Pet Name: Angel

Angel wants to thank Dr. Carlton for taking such good care of him. Dr. Carlton even called to see how Angel was feeling. Dr. Carlton is very caring & has empathy. Even Dr. Athey has been caring & also has empathy. The staff are also great. Thank you everyone. We have 3 cats & we would highly recommend these Vets. They are the best!


Best of the best

-Rosemary Hosford from Paisley, FL
Pet Name: Montana and Bandit

I've been going to VCA (Orange City Animal) for over 20 years. The vets and support staff are the most caring people I've met. I trust them with my animals and even though I moved from the Orange City area, I take my animals back there. I also board my dogs and feel comfortable that they receive excellent attention.

Customer forever.

Our Animal Clinic Extraordinaire

-Judy Leslie from Orange City, FL
Pet Name: The Whole Crew

It is ALWAYS an extremely positive experience visiting our animal clinic. We love everyone there and are always treated like family. We can't count the number of times Dr. Athey has been our guardian angel. He is truly a healer and we really can't thank him enough for being there for us all (2-legged and 4) � through the 20+ years we've been going there. Likewise, everyone at the clinic believes in and practices the same personal, compassionate and exceptional care. From the moment you step through the door, you know you are in good, loving hands. Many thanks to all our VCA Orange City Animal Hospital family. You are truly the best!

Forever grateful.

-Tammy from Deltona, FL
Pet Name: Snickerdoodle

Dr. Mal and the entire staff at VCA Orange City Animal Hospital were absolutely wonderful to my longhair Chihuahua of 12 years, Snickersdoodle (Snickers). During his last month the entire staff were like family to us. Always accommodating; so attentive and caring, loving, patient and kind. I know my little guy had the very best of care, and for that I am forever grateful.

Wonderful veterinary team

-Hannah from Deltona, FL

I am always so pleased with the service that my pets and I receive at this veterinary hospital. Every time I call the staff if friendly and so helpful. They always meet or exceed my expectations. I always get an appointment when I need it, often the same day! I am so pleased with the care and time that the doctors take with my dogs. I never feel rushed and they take time to explain my options for their care. I would definitely recommend this practice to any one in this area who wants exceptional care for their furry babies.