• Hospital Manager

    Kathy Kennedy

    Kathy was born in Dorchester Massashusetts.
    She spent most of her life in Connecticut and after graduating form High School moved to the Florida Keys. There she had a diversity of jobs that included Lobstering, Firefighter/EMT, Physical Therapist Aid and Veterinary Technician. Kathy started with VCA in the Upper Keys in 1998 and has moved from kennel, receptionist, technician to hospital manager. She moved to Deland in 2004 and started working with VCA Howell Branch Animal, our sister hospital. She became hospital manager of VCA Orange city in 2013. She has 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter that live close by.
    At the present she has 1 dog Ginger, 4 cats, Moostache'. Melitia, Gigi and BFF.

    Why am I here?

    Thank you for entrusting your loved ones with us. Animals need a voice to be heard and someone to translate into words. I can be the voice for them and for many years I have been. We are here when they are born and on their journey through life. We comfort the family when it's time to mourn, I would not change what I do for anything. In fear of missing a puppy breathe, a paw that smells like fritos, or the feline pur and the biggest thing of all unconditional love.