Oneida Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Excellence of Compassion

-Jennifer Cofield from Delta Lake, Rome, NY
Pet Name: Foondie

Last July, our 14 year old male cat (and companion) was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, so we took him to Dr. Jeri McLaughlin at Oneida Animal Hospital for a second opinion.

Although his terminal illness was confirmed, Dr. McLaughlin and the rest of the staff showed a lot of compassion during the remainder of his life. When his time came this past February, the same compassion was shown, especially by Dr. McLaughlin.

We're very grateful for your honesty and concern during all those months. We felt comfortable knowing he was in your medical care, and we sensed Foondie was too. Thank you for everything and God(ess) bless Dr. McLaughlin.

Peace~Jennifer & Zane

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Excellent Response Great Care Wonderful Staff

-Judy and Tony from Canastota, NY
Pet Name: Sadie and Jet

Over the weekend we needed emergency care for our dog, Sadie. The folks were kind and understanding. They responded very quickly. Thank you! for saving our dog, Sadie! She means so much to us, I don't know what we would do without her. She is recovering wonderfully! THANKS!!!!