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Published: Oct 24, 2011

Similar to humans who bite their nails when anxious, some dogs also exhibit this behavior, although it could mean that something more serious is going on with their pet health.

According to, dogs that bite their nails may do so because of irritated skin or allergies, boredom, anxiety or fear. Christina Shusterich, a canine behavior counselor, told the publication that this act can be harmful as it can lead to bleeding, irritation or infection.

To combat this unhealthy behavior, owners should bring their dogs to a veterinarian health clinic to address what's causing this unhealthy behavior.

If it is due to allergies or a skin irritation, the vet may recommend giving the dog medication to relieve the problem. If the animal is biting its nails due to boredom or anxiety, owners should make sure their dogs get exercise in the morning and supply them with treats, toys or puzzles to keep them busy while alone.