• Hospital Manager

    Harmony Madden

    My name is Harmony Madden! First, and fore most, I am the mother of 2 amazing boys; Truen, my 4 year old son, who also loves animals & the outdoors, and my oldest son, Hunter, 14 year old who loves playing soccer, and on-line gaming. I've been married to my husband & best friend, Paul Madden, for almost 16 years now, we share a passion working with our animals & farm, and raising our 2 wonderful children.

    Growing up in Kitsap county, I've always been involved with horses, and the local rodeo, 4-H, and FFA. I continued to stay involved over the years with my horses, barrel racing, and becoming the Captain of The Thunderbird Drill Team from 2006 to 2011. Still today, I volunteer for this non-profit rodeo, which is put on every year, raising money for Corey's Day On The Farm for special needs children, and B.C.A.T of Kitsap county, helping support our local youth. Today, I continue to barrel race, and trail ride with my wonderful quarter horse, Kiwi.

    I have been in the veterinary field for over 14 years as a veterinary nurse/veterinary assistant, and I've worked my way up as Hospital Manager for VCA Olympic Animal Hospital. I work along side our Medical Director, Dr. Robert Dammeyer, whom I've had the pleasure working with for several years, and many more prior to VCA. It's a great pleasure working with such an amazing team here at VCA Olympic Animal Hospital, I'm quit fortunate to have such a hard working & loyal team. I could not be happier!