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Published: Jun 14, 2012

Traveling with your dog can add enjoyment to a family vacation, but it is not always a plausible option. If you are leaving your dog at home while you travel, it is important that you arrange for proper care. While there are numerous kennels and "doggie daycares" available to board pets, it can be difficult to choose. According to, one of the best ways to choose a facility is to visit well before you plan to board your canine there.

Ask for recommendations for a good pet boarding facility from veterinarians, friends and neighbors, then schedule a visit to the kennel well before your vacation. When you arrive, check to make sure the facility is clean and the cages and kennels where the dogs are kept are safe and comfortable.

It is also important to observe the staff and other dogs that are staying there during your visit. Watch to see how the staff interacts with the animals and what types of activities are going on during the day. Always ask questions about the daily feeding and watering schedule, as well as how often the dogs are exercised and socialized. Inquire about the requirements for dog vaccinations, heartworm and other pet parasite protection in order to ensure the safety of your dog against preventable illnesses.  Asking these types of questions may help you decide whether the kennel would be a good fit for your dog.