VCA Old Trail Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-LJ from Glen Rock, PA
Pet Name: tootsie

I have a story to tell. It's a story of giving, losing and forgiveness. My 12 yr old daughter was given a feral kitten. She took good care of her, trained her and they became great friends. But life takes its turns and we wound up having to move to a place that does not allow pets. Also, my fiance has chronic asthma and is severly allergic. Out of desperation and following a crisis, I left the cat at VCA Old Trail hospital in the early morning hours inside a box w/holes, her food and litter box. I was devistated. I couldn't live with what I had done. I hated that I couldn't keep her and my daughter was destroyed. When I arrived at work, I called the hospital. The girls were so understanding. Alecia talked with me on the phone and assured me she was ok and in good care. I made arrangements with my sister in North Carolina to take the cat. VCA Old Trail Animal Hospital staff have been so wonderful, understanding and caring. It's still a devistating loss for our family but my daughter can sleep at night knowing she is not at the shelter, will not be put to sleep and is in a clean, comfortable environment. I want to thank everyone at the VCA Old Trail Animal Hospital for your kindness, your big hearts..your forgiveness. For making a horrible and traumatic situation tolerable. I rave to everyone about the wonderful staff at VCA Old Trail. No place will ever compare.

My Four Legged Child

-Donna from Seven Valleys, PA
Pet Name: Pepse

My name is Donna Gentzler and I am the proud mom of a two wonderful four legged children. One of them, a Rat Terrier named Pepse has been very ill since June 14th, 2009, my birthday. Pepse developed a blood disorder requiring drugs, which ultimately resulted in pancreatitis and type II diabetes. A local vet missed all the signs and by the time we took Pepse to the hospital she was near death. The doctors at specialty hospital saved her but the real life saving was determined by the care I can provide for her.

My mission was to find the best possible vet in town that would care for Pepse the same way as I did. I did a lot of research on the Internet and sent several e-mails to those that impressed me. That was on Sunday, first Sunday after we brought my baby home.

The following Monday morning I received a call that took my breath away. Jamie, wonderful, wonderful sweet girl, technician, called back in reference to my e-mail. Wow, it wasn't even 24 hours since my e-mail. What service! We had a lengthy conversation and by the time I hung up I was in tears. The caring and kindness Jamie conveyed to me was more than I could handle. Jamie invited me to come in that Monday to meet her and doctor Lukacs. That afternoon my husband and I met Jamie and Dr. Lukacs. I had a difficult time holding back tears; both were just the nicest, caring and considerate professional individuals I knew that VCA Old Trail hospital was the place that my two babies cannot do without.

We've made many visits now and I love everyone there. They deserve to be mentioned by name, but sadly I am really bad with names. Dr. Lukacs is a WOW doctor. If you are looking for a caring veterinary office, go no further, this is the place. You will know immediately after the first greeting over the phone, it's as if they were your friends. You never wait and are forgotten, you are respected all the way.

It gets better, send an e-mail and Tracy, the assistant hospital manager, responds to them immediately. And if she happens to be off, she has the doctor call you, is that service or what?

Have you ever been to a vet or a human doctor where you set in the waiting room waiting and being ignored, we all did. This will not happen at the VCA Old Trail hospital. They are so attentive and if you happen to sit there for a minute or two, they acknowledge you and apologize for the wait. Hey, I wish this was my doctor's office.

I'm originally from Philly and finding the right vet took me 3 years, but I finally found one. They love my babies, and I love them. If you are looking for a quick annual check or medicine refill, this is not the place. These people are great and there is nothing quick about the service they provide. But you don't have to listen to me, pick up the phone or stop in; you will know I am right.

By the way, thanks to the Old Trail VCA staff my baby is leading a normal life.

Caring, Dedicated Staff

-Jamie from Glen Rock, PA
Pet Name: Kaiser Colby Collins

Hello. I brought my adult male Rottweiler to VCA and the Veterinarian. J.D. was so nice to him and us. J.D. took the time to examine our dog and talk to us about the concerns in the Rottweiler's health (in general). We were so pleased by his kindness and the amount of time he took to review everything with us. We are used to a 15 minute consultation and out the door. Thank you VCA for your kind service and wonderful staff. I will be recommending you to all of our family and friends.

Chocolate to Sticks and Stones

-Misty Kuhn-Hottinger from Jacobus, PA
Pet Name: Misty

Not really, but that's what it seems like. It started out when my mischievous but angelic-looking daughter, Stormie, decided to find adventure and food while our owners were at the store. Breaking through the gate, she sniffed out the chocolate calcium chews that mom takes, and she devoured the whole package! I sat innocently by, but of course no one knew that. We had a nice introduction to Dr. Lukacs! Much vomiting later, they discovered the truth: Stormie: 53 foil wrappers in chocolate goo. Me: nada! My xrays did, however, show a bladder full of stones! The next visit to Dr. Lukacs produced a large stone (boulder, to me!) and a cup of smaller stones fit for a fish tank! I woke up a celebrity, with everyone admiring my stones and telling me how wonderful I am. Those ladies at Old Trail are pretty wonderful themselves! I was showered with love and petting and had a grand time in spite of all the staples and stitches. They even let mom and dad stay with me! Dr. Lukacs is really smart. He found a stick in my gums that was bothering me a long time. I'm going to call my surgery "Sticks and Stones." Thank you, Dr. Lukacs and all of you at Old Trail! I know I'll be catching balls in no time thanks to your knowledge, skill, and compassion! Love, Misty (age eleven and a half)


-Sue from Shrewsbury, PA
Pet Name: BlackJack-Chuch-BubbyBear-Dot-etc

I have been going to VCA Old Trail Animal Hospital for 25 years +. They are as much a part of my family as every pet we have taken there for care. I have laughed with them and they have cried with me. They are wonderful, professional, but most importantly, human. They are the best at their job, but they sensitive an kind, understanding and caring when you have to make the difficult decisions involving your pet who is an important part of your family and your life. Thank You to all of those who have been a part a my family since Old Trail opened to the new members of the VCA family.

Dr. Freese and Staff are amazing...

-Eileen Goldsmith from Seven Valleys, PA
Pet Name: Sparky, Caleb, Cam and Ruby

We are so thankful to Dr. Freese and his whole staff at VCA. Dr. Freese went above and beyond to help us with our dog, Sparky. Sparky needed an ear surgery that was very complicated and extensive. VCA helped us so much allowing us to make a few payments because we couldn't pay it all at once. He even came in on his day off to see Sparky for a follow up! The entire staff is so caring and wonderful. The moment you walk in they are amazing.


-Ray from New Freedom, PA
Pet Name: Blue

My Pit Bull (Blue) had been going to the VCA Old Trail Hospital since my move to PA. He had his Vet treatments there and was boarded several times there. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to him, he went in for his checkup and his lymph nodes were severely swollen. JD (Dr. Freese) was concerned that it may be cancer and unfortunately on Wednesday Nov 18th I received a call from JD that it was Stage 3 lymphoma. Blue's health quickly deteriorated over the next week and on Monday I called and spoke with Carol about bringing him in. Dr Freese explained how the procedure was going to work and gave me as much time as I needed to say my goodbyes. I want to say thank you to Dr. Freese, the staff and to Kyrsten who had taken care of Blue while he was being boarded and was there to say goodbye to him. Even though I will miss him terribly I am thankful that he was so well loved there and everyone always was happy to see him when he came for a visit. Thank you all for being there for Blue, I know he felt the love everyone had for him, and thank you for being so kind and gentle to him.