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Published: May 30, 2012

Issues with a dog's skin and coat are some of the most common problems veterinarians see and pet owners face, ARA reports. Itchy skin, fungal or bacterial infections and a dull coat can be uncomfortable for the animal and unattractive to owners. However, skin infections in dogs and other coat issues may be prevented with a few simple dog grooming tips.

Brushing regularly with the right brush is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy coat on your dog. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, dogs with coats of all lengths benefit from regular brushing. This ritual removes loose hairs and dead skin cells and keeps the coat free of dirt and debris. Brushing sessions are also an ideal time to look for ticks and other external parasites in dogs.

ARA recommends always using pet shampoo when bathing dogs, since human shampoo does not have the right pH balance and can make skin issues worse in some cases. It is also important to keep dogs hydrated. Discuss a pet supplement of omega-3 fatty acids with your vet to see if this nutrient would benefit the dog's coat and skin.

If you take excellent care of your dog's coat and it is still dull, coarse, falling out or more wiry than usual, consult with your veterinarian. Changes in a dog's skin and coat can indicate a number of health issues, including allergies in dogs and internal issues like hormone dysfunction.