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The Best Team

-Natalia Tavangar from Alexandria, VA

The team at VCA Old Town Animal Hospital is incredible and everyone there goes above and beyond duty to make my experience a great one! Dr. Pohl's expertise and follow up is wonderful; our dog is better because of her and the team. They are friendly, thorough, and great at Customer Service!

THANK YOU to the Old Town Staff

-Kelli Reidford from Alexandria, VA

To the staff at VCA Old Town: Thank you so much for your wonderful care and professional and compassionate attitudes when we were dealing with our cat's surgery. I wish I knew the names of everyone we came into contact with, but most sincere thanks to Dr. Laura MacLean. We are very lucky to had her as a vet for our cats. She and her staff are wonderful at what they do!

We love VCA Old Town

-Betsy B. from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Aria and Fumoso

I moved here 3 years ago and feel lucky to have found VCA Old Town (through a co-worker who loves them, too). When I met Dr. Reed, I had an overweight cat for whom diet food was not working. Previous vets had repeatedly told me he needed to lose weight but didn't offer any suggestions for how to do that. Dr. Reed spoke very knowledgably about cats' diets, gave me an article to read, and made food recommendations that worked. My cat lost 5 pounds and looks great. Thank you, Dr. Reed!

Dr. Reed is just one example of the great staff at VCA. Whether you're dealing with staff at the front desk, the vet techs, or other vets, everyone is friendly, professional, and accessible. They also look out for their "patients'" best interests. During the recent snowstorms, I ran into Angie, who works the front desk, at the grocery store. She immediately asked if my cats had enough of their prescription food. When I said that I needed more in the next few days, she called VCA right then and asked them to set some aside for me. She knew that their deliveries would be delayed due to weather and didn't want me to run out. That's the kinds of personal touch you get at VCA Old Town.

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VCA Staff Are Just Great

-Tara and Chris Colley from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Bailey and Peanut

We've been going to VCA Old Town Animal Hospital since we got Bailey (we have 2 beagles) in 2004. The staff at VCA have gone out of their way to make sure our dogs receive the best care and are so friendly and accommodating. Our other beagle, Peanut, is a special needs dog and finding boarding and care for her is especially challenging. We never worry about leaving her at VCA, they really seem to love and care for her. Dr. McLean and all the staff are so knowledgeable and really seem to love their jobs. From regular visits to surgery, we've gone to VCA for all our pet's needs and would never think of going anywhere else.

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Top Notch Care

-Kathy M. from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Barley

We have been bringing our 2 dogs to VCA Old Town Animal Hospital for 4 years. One dog boarded for 2 weeks and she loves to come here and loves the people - she shakes her whole body to greet them with excitement! The front desk people are knowledgeable and professional and always polite to set up appointments. Both dogs have had surgery and we are very pleased with all the doctors. They take the time to explain everything and have good follow-up. Until the military moves us, we will keep bringing our dogs to VCA - we get top notch care!

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We love VCA

-The Bell Family from Clinton, MD
Pet Name: Maxwell

Our Cairn Terriers lives were saved by Dr. Pohl and Dr. MacLean. We love the office and staff enough that we drive from Maryland for treatment!

It's not just medical -- It's personal

-Jennifer Bridgman from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Lazarus and Trixie

With two rescue dachshunds with a long list of health issues and issues related to "naughty" antics, we have been “frequent fliers” at VCA Old Town Animal Hospital for the past several years. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the quality of care Lazarus and Trixie have received because of this top-rate team.

When we step through the doors, it isn’t just medical �" it’s personal. From the front desk staff and the kennel attendants to the vet techs and the doctors, everyone takes a proactive, personal interest in the well-being of our pets.

We trust them for the "routine"-- such as the excellent job Dr. Pohl did last week on Trixie's dental cleaning.

We can count on their help for the "unfortunate" -- such as Dr. Lewis's recent consultation with us by phone when Trixie got sick while we were on vacation.

And, we rely on their expertise in dealing with the "downright dangerous" -- like the time Lazarus got into my bag on Christmas Eve while we were at church and ate a pack of sugarless gum, resulting in a 2 a.m. trip to the ER. The minute the VCA team received the medical records from the out-of-state ER, Dr. MacLean was on the phone to check in and help with any necessary follow-up.

We have utmost trust and confidence in the entire VCA Old Town team and there is simply no way we would take our dogs anywhere else.

Our baby Li-Li Voss-Ingram

-Nissi from Washington, DC
Pet Name: Li-Li

Li-Li, our Yorkie, has been coming to here since we purchased her last May. She is our baby and you all treat her like she is your baby too. I am very confident with the staff, they are friendly and very helpful. We will see you soon for her wellness appointment.

great team

-Kim McCabe from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Harley

Thank you, VCA Old Town.

great family care

-Kim McCabe from Alexandria, VA
Pet Name: Harley

The majority of office staff and vet/techs with Old Town VCA are very skilled, compassionate, friendly medical professionals - especially Drs. McLean and Lewis.