Alexandria Pet Bathing

Our hospital offers bathing services for your pet. Whether it is a bath needed for normal grooming or for odors that won't go away, please contact us about our bathing services. Recommended bathing frequency varies. Your pet's breed and lifestyle will dictate how often they require bathing and what sort of shampoos work best. Avoid bathing too frequently as it may strip vital oils and protection from your pet's coat and skin and cause flakiness and itching. Ask your veterinarian how often your dog or cat should be bathed.

Our baths for dogs and cats are complete, including simple ear cleaning, anal gland expression and nail trims as needed and tolerated.  We offer medicated baths as directed by our veterinarians.  Plan to let your pet stay long enough to be completely dry before going home.  Traditional flea and tick dips are often toxic to pets, so we prefer to recommend products to control these parasites without endangering any pet.

We can shave cats with a "lion cut" or a "panty shave" depending on your needs.  Some cats may require light sedation for any type of bath or grooming; we will discuss this with you when you come in.  Often we can avoid any sedation by taking plenty of time with your cat.

Ask about what special services we can offer your pet.