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  • Client Service

    Brenda M

    Brenda is a tiny ball of energy at our Front Desk!  Listen closely, and you will hear her answer any request with "Of Course!"

    She came to us from other pet care experience and has said over and over how much happier she is at VCA Old Town.  Check out her page in our Scrapbook and you will see an amazing pet!  Brenda likes pets, people and children and nothing seems to upset her.  Ask for anything and she will find the answer for you!

  • Client Service

    Melissa P

    Melissa is the artistic one among us - good with phtography, drawing and other amazing skills.  She even has a web comic!  She is the great lady responsible for our Facebook page - we really LIKE her!

    Melissa hails from Las Vegas (no gambling background at all) and is fun loving, helpful and generous with her time.  She will give you a big smile and a wave when you first come in our door.

  • Client Service

    Janelle S

    Janelle has been a member of our front desk staff since 2014, but if you had to guess, you would say she has worked here for years. Janelle is extremely knowledgeable and personable; if you need help, she will be there in a heartbeat. Come on by to see us and we guarantee Janelle will excitedly greet you and your pet, giving out treats and belly rubs.