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By Carol Petit
Published: December 16, 2010

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful!" We all sing along and think so fondly of the cold snowy days and warm fires to keep us toasty! Our family pets may not have the same vision of winter that we do. Cold weather, snow and ice can be very harsh on little feet with no boots. Here are some suggestions to keep our furry friends safe in the winter weather.

*Keep all pets indoors when the temperature is below freezing.
*For outdoor pets in winter weather, be sure to have proper shelter and water that is not frozen
*After walks outside be sure to wipe your pet's feet and belly with a damp cloth to clean any salt, snow, sand away. These things can irritate feet and should never be licked off.
*Do not leave your dog or cat in a car during cold weather.
*Watch for signs of hypothermia if your pet is left outdoors unintentionally: Slow pulse, shallow breathing, disorientation, collapse.
*Ears and paws are suceptible to frostbite
*Antifreeze can be lethal for dogs and cats.� Clean up any spills, and if you believe some has been ingested, visit your veterinarian immediately.