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By Carol Petit
Published: August 15, 2010

Thorough Preventative Care for your kitten's first year is one of the best ways to assure excellent health and a long life.  At VCA Old Town we recommend the following as a schedule of care:

8-9 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Fecal exam # 1(to check for internal parasites)
  Deworming # 1 (for hookworms and roundworms)
  Feline Leukemia & Immunodeficiency virus tests ( FeLV/FIV)
  First vaccines:  FVRCP, FELV
  Discuss Heartworm disease and prevention, also flea and tick control
  Begin Hearworm prevention (Revolution applied monthly)
  Discuss pet health insurance

12 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Fecal exam # 2
  Deworming # 2
  Vaccines:  FVRCP booster, FeLV booster
  Discuss home dental care

16 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Fecal exam (as needed)
  Deworming # 3
  Vaccines:  FVRCP (1 year), Rabies (1 year)
  Discuss spay or neuter

6 Months
  Pre-anesthetic blood test
  Spay or neuter surgery
  Microchip placement (permanent identification in case your cat is lost)

1 Year
  Annual Physical Exam
  Annual fecal test, wellness blood test
  Vaccines:  FVRCP (3 year), FeLV (1 year), Rabies (annual)
  Nutrition and oral health review