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By Carol Petit
Published: August 15, 2011

The first year of your puppy's life can set the stage for a long healthy life.  We recommend the following schedule for the best prevention:

8-9 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Deworm #1 (for roundworms and hookworms
  Vaccines:  DHPP #1, Bordatella
  Reveiw nutrition, behavior, heartworm disease and flea and tick prevention
  Start heartworm prevention (Sentinel given monthly)

12 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Fecal test # 2
  Deworm # 2
  Vaccines:  DHPP booster, Bordatella booster, Canine influenza, Lyme
  Review home dental care

16 Weeks
  Physical Exam
  Fecal test if needed
  Deworm # 3
  Vaccines:  DHPP booster, Influenza booster, Lyme booster, Rabies 1 year
  Review spay or neuter

6  - 12 Months (depending on breed)
  Preanesthetic blood test
  Spay or Neuter
  Microchip placement (permanent identification if your puppy is lost)
16 Months
  Annual Physical Exam
  Fecal test
  Annual blood test including heartworm
  Vaccines:  DHPP 3 year, Rabies 3 year, Bordatella, Lyme, Influenza