Home Delivery

VCA Old Town can now offer Home Delivery of your pet's medications and food!  Shipping is nominal and you will never run out - we can set your deliveries to be automatic every 30 days!

Home Delivery is the way to go for any chronic medicine, or any medicine that should be given monthly, such as Heartworm prevention or Flea control.  You sign up once and the medicine is delivered right to your mailbox once a month, just when you need it.  It can be it's own reminder!  This allows you to use those precious dollars on diagnostics or other services to keep "Fluffy" happy and healthy because you don't have to pay for 6 months up front.

Home Delivery is also ideal for any pet that is on medicine chronically, such as a pain killer for arthritis.  Our doctors can authorize that this be delivered every 30 days (or whenever you need it refilled).

Ask one of our Team members for details or a brochure  (703) - 549 - 3647