Hills Pet Nutrition


It�s never been more affordable than now to make sure your cats and dogs
have nothing but the best in nutrition.  Generally our prices are lower than what you find at the "big box" stores.

We feed and recommend Hills or Science Diet foods to the pets in our care.  The exceptional quality of this brand of food is superior to most on the market.  Don't be fooled by the "pretty bag" , make sure your dog or cat is getting the best nutrition.  Hills even offers grain-free food which many of our clients prefer.  As well there are many specialty foods which treat specific disease in your pet

BE SURE TO ASK IF THERE ARE COUPONS  - often we have discount coupons for food purchases.

KATE CARNE is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at VCA Old Town with a special interest in Nutrition.  She is available to talk with you at any time about pet foods; what is best for your particular dog or cat and his or her special needs.  That includes healthy pets that you want to feed well along with special diets for disease or disease prevention.  Give her a call or send her an email at kate.carne@vcahospitals.com - she welcomes your questions!

Ane you can always ask any of our team members today for information about the diet best suited to your pet's needs (703) 549-3647.

Please visit www.hillspet.com for complete nutritional information about all the Hill�s Canine and Feline Science Diet and Prescription Diets.