Help with Vet Bills

At VCA Old Town Animal  Hospital we understand that you want to provide the best possible care for your dogs and cats (and birds and ferrets and rabbits and hamsters and gerbils - everyone in your family).  But sometimes that best care can be expensive. 

We want you to be able to provide excellent care at a price you can afford.  When you come in, ask for information about special coupons, and promotions on our products and services - there are numerous special deals available to you.

* We recommend Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) as a way to keep veterinary bills lower.   This is the best pet insurance in the industry; it has several plans you may choose from, and they certainly help with the vet bills. 

*  We offer Care Credit (a medical credit card that will allow you up to 12 months to pay - interest free).   Care Credit may be used to pay veterinary bills as well as some human medical bills such as dental and opthomology.  You can apply here in our office or online at home; just click on the link on this webpage.

*  Every quarter we have different specials which save you money - Examples are our Dental Special during February, or LIttle Bundles - a package for new puppies and kittens which saves money on pediatric pet care, or a Senior Wellness package at half price!

Our Client Service experts and Managers are adept at helping you figure out the best way to provide care for your pets - "the most bang for the buck"!!