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Ferret Owner

-Joan S from Upper Darby, PA

I have been with this hospital for over 13 years, and there are non better IMO to provide care, diagnostic, medicines, and surgery than the team Dr Lindsey puts together, He's been awesome.

Many of them are opened to learning from info the Ferret community can provide from a wealth of our experience.

Pet Image

Inky's Big Day

-Cindy from Havertown, PA
Pet Name: Inky

I cannot thank Dr. Lawrie and all the staff at VCA Old Marple for their wise, caring and life-saving attention for my beautiful 12+ year old Tuxedo cat, Inky. I had scheduled a dental for her, but on the morning of the procedure, Dr. Lawrie called me to advise of a heart murmur that concerned him. He offered to continue with the dental but recommended that I have a cardiac ultrasound done first, just to be safe. Inky had her ultrasound the next day and some problems were found which are now being addressed with medicine. I am very relieved that this was caught prior to the dental and feel that this might have averted a very sad situation for me should I have lost my precious girl. Dr. Lawrie is a compassionate,caring and involved doctor who takes time to explain any and all issues that arise concerning my cats. I am very thankful for his wisdom and Inky WILL BE getting her dental in a few months, but in a much safer way. THANK YOU, DR. LAWRIE & staff!

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Sincere and Caring - especially at tough times

-T Jones from Upper Darby, PA
Pet Name: Tiger and Dolly

Our two cats have been cared for by the doctors and staff at Old Marple. At the end of this past summer, our eldest, Dolly, had to be put down due to cancer. I was so touched by everyone's sincere caring and attentiveness throughout the entire process as our family made the difficult decision and gathered to be with her until she was gone � even giving us as much time as we needed in the room with her afterwards. I always felt they cared but they truly showed how much at a time when our hearts were truly grieving. The doctors and staff at Old Marple are true angels.

Great Care

-Louise from Folsom, PA
Pet Name: SANDY

Took my cat~Sandy when she was very sick. Saw Dr. Lawrie (the best). He took his time and explained everything. Though the coast was high with testing...we only did was was necessary. I had use Old Marple in the past. But it has been years since we had a pet. I am VERY Glad I went back.
Thank you to the Staff & Dr. Lawrie:)

The words thank you can not express my gratitude

-Lee Armington from Clifton Heights, PA
Pet Name: captnal

Over the holidays I noticed that my cockatiel Captnal had a growth of somekind on his right wing. After several calls, I turned to VCA OLD MARPLE HOSPITAL for help. Captnal is a old bird. I have had him since 1991. The DR.That got Captnal through through his his first visit was Dr. Robert Lawrie.It was determined that Captnal needed Surgery. DR. Lawrie was worried about Capnal coming out of anesthesia.The operation was done this last Friday by Dr. Lawrie and Dr. Lindsey. Captnal is home now and doing great. soon he will go back to have his stitches removed. I can not thank Dr. Lawrie and Dr. Lindsey enough for what they did. I never had the pleasure to meet and thank Dr. Lindsey. Dr. Lawrie gave me hope. He was extremely kind, professional in very way,and we kept in touch several time via e-mail. I live alone and VCA has made Captnal's life better and mine also. Again thank you Dr. Lawrie and Dr.Lindsey. I will never forget all the work and effort you did to save a member of my family.

Forever Grateful

-Maureen Fleagle from Springfield, PA
Pet Name: Cody

Last Sunday, my elderly dog, Cody who is 14 yrs old was having difficulty breathing and appeared to be in distress. My husband and I took him to your hospital and were very impressed with the care he received. Dr. Robert Lawry was working that day and despite how busy they seemed, he took time to examine Cody and make recommendations for his care. I just want to say "thank you". In my experience with your hospital, I must say that you are truly fortunate to have two wonderful, caring professionals, Dr. Will, Cody's primary vet, and Dr. Lawry. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a highly skilled and compassionate vet to care for their precious animal. They are both a gift to their profession.

there is an emergency

-Gene Taggart from Aldan, PA

My dog, Duffy, is an 11-year-old blue merle rough collie. The "rough" is a description of his coat. His disposition is incredibly smooth.

One recent Saturday, he got up, went into the yard for awhile, came back inside and laid down on his bed. Thirty minutes later, he had a difficult time getting up. Before the afternoon was done, he needed assistance to stand. I carried him out to the car -- walking was out of the question -- and met Dr. Dennis Trafny, who was on emergency duty at VCA Old Marple Vet.

Dr. Trafny took Duffy into an examining room, took blood samples, and asked me to wait while tests were done. Ultimately, he concluded the dog had a serious bacterial infection. Duffy spent the night at Old Marple and, on Dr. Trafny's recommendation, I took him to the veterinary hospital at the University of Pennsylvania the next morning.

Now, it is two weeks later. Duffy is doing well. Thanks to the vets at Old Marple and at the University of Pennsylvania.

Duffy's regular vet at Marple -- Catherine Tannert -- is compassionate, competent, confident, and always willing to take the time to explain things. Dr. Trafny -- on emergency duty Saturday night and Sunday morning -- is the same way.

Dr. Lawrie's the best

-Brownie's mom from media, PA

We have a sweet but anxious, skittish guinea pig who does not like to be held. We took her for her annual physical this morning, and she was also due to have her nails clipped. Dr. Lawrie was kind, gentle, confident, patient, and caring with Brownie. He took his time examining her, checking her teeth and eyes, and clipping her nails. He has a wonderful manner, one we have not seen before in others who have handled Brownie. Fortunately, Brownie is healthy now, but we will not hesitate to bring her back if her health should fail in any way. Thank you Dr. Lawrie!!

A Bunnie's Life

-Claire Martorana from Broomall, PA
Pet Name: Jack

Jack is a 4 year old Dutch Rabbit and the baby of our family. He is completely litter trained and has access to most areas of the house, which have been bunny-proofed with covered or hidden wires. We started our relationship with Old Marple in 1992 when we had our bunny Boots, who lived to the ripe old age of 9. To know there are doctors trained in the care of exotic pets at Old Marple has eased our minds greatly. Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Lawrie are the best!
Recently Jack experienced partial paralysis on his face and had stopped eating his food. Anxiously we took him to see Dr. Lawrie who took the time to examine him fully. He was comforting to both Jack and the family, explained everything to us in detail, and I am happy to say Jack is back to his normal self. Jack has regular check-ups annually, gets his nails clipped every couple of months and was neutered at Old Marple a few years ago because he kept spraying the house. Every visit is pleasant and we walk out of the vet office well informed and confident that he is getting the best care in the area.


-Lisa from Brookhaven, PA
Pet Name: Rocky

On Sunday 1/29/12 our 10yro Great Dane became very sick and we knew it was serious. From the time I called to the time Rocky took his last breath at Old Marple Vet we were comforted by the dr's and everyone in the office. Thank you for taking such good care of him and understanding what he meant to us. I've never been to Old Marple before but this will be our Vet from now on!