Cats make wonderful, delightful pets. Living with a cat provides joy and a loving friendship, and you will find it an honor and privilege as well. A feline companion will quickly inspire your admiration for its grace, elegance, and beauty. You may very well join thousands of others in a fantastic, deep and powerful human-cat bond.

The decision to become a cat owner should not be taken lightly, however. Like all pets, it requires that you take full responsibility not only for care and maintenance, but also for the well being of the animal. Make sure that a cat will be a welcome addition to your home and family life, and that you are ready to make this commitment. Keep in mind that a cute fluffy kitten becomes an adult that will be part of your family for many years.

Taking care of your cat is closely tied to the type of cat. If you know about the type of cat you are getting, then you will know what to expect and what to do to maximize both your enjoyment and that of your pet. No matter what its heritage, every cat is unique. Individual cats can display vast differences in behavior, temperament, energy levels, territorial tendencies, needs for attention, and other traits. But Before bringing a new cat home, be sure to have the necessary cat equipment on hand. Ongoing cat care will include providing food, water, and litter, regular grooming, exercise, play, and medical checkups. Being ready will make the experience fun and rewarding for both you and your new companion as you start your lives together.