Veterinary Support

  • Technician Supervisor

    Terry Kennedy
    Veterinary Tech School: Harcum College

    Terry began her career as a veterinary technician 28 years ago after graduating from Harcum College. She joined the VCA Old Marple team in 1990 as a technician and is currently one of our Technical Supervisors. In Terry's free time she enjoys volunteering with a local feline rescue group and spending time with her six kitties.

    Why I do what I do: I have always had a love for animals and became my carreer choice as I never had a dog or cat as a child. My first love was a doberman pincher and remains my favorite breed today.  I came to Old Marple in 1990 and arrived with my sidekick a doberman which some clients may still remember Ilia making her rounds in the hospital or lounging on the original wrap around porch of the hospital.

    Fostering kittens fell in my lap when I was asked to help out with a local rescue. With the help of Purrfect Paws rescue I raised and homed 34 kittens in a short period of time. The most fun was theme naming the litters and some of the kids became part of my own family. I rarely foster these days but still enjoy assisting the rescue in fund raising.

    Special Note:  Terry has the biggest heart and is always trying to save some pet out there.  She will go over and beyond for that stray just so they have a place to call home.  The compassion that she shows them and the pets that come into our hospital is something worth seeing as describing it doesn't do justice.  What an amazing lady she is and we hope that if we come back as a pet we end up in Terry's hands. 

  • Technician

    Anike Branch

    Anike joined VCA Old Marple in 2008 and graduated from LaGuardia Community College in New York.  She holds an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology and is also a licensed technician.   Anike is our surgery technician, we know that she will always make sure our patients are well taken care of. 

    Why I do what I do:  I enjoy helping every patient that I come into contact with and it's very rewarding when you can make that patient feel better. Working with animals has been a lifetime goal of mine.

    Special Note:  What a special lady Anike is, her talents continuously amaze us.  The compassion and care that she shows every patient is just what we were looking for in a surgery technician position.  We really thought that we received the prize when she became part of our team.  What a joy she is and we have the peace of mind knowing that our patients are in her care during surgery.

  • Technician

    Lauren Campion
    School: Widener University, Biology

    Lauren started working at VCA Old Marple in the late Fall of 2013.She was born and raised in the Upper Darby/Delco area and graduated from Upper Darby High School in 2008. She attended Widener University and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Biology. Lauren has an adorable feisty Chihuahua mix, and a fearless Maine Coon whom was recently added to the mix of various reptiles and aquatic life. Her end goal is to receive a degree in veterinary medicine.

    Why I do what I do:
    I love working in the veterinary field because it is by far the most rewarding type of work for me. No matter how much I think I know I’m always learning something new. I am a little obsessed with the anatomy and physiology aspect of it all, and how it is mostly so shockingly similar to humans in general. But most importantly, I do what I do because it is so satisfying to see pets come in with a poor prognosis, and do a complete 360.It is so rewarding to see them go back home to their owners. I work with such amazing people, and I believe that we are all on the pet’s team, cheering for every pet that comes in no matter how severe or depressing the situation may be. I love the team work and feedback from my co-workers and feel that we all have the same end goal in mind.

    Special Note:
    Lauren has only been with us a very short time although we have already become really attached to her.  She is a fabulous team player and is always busy trying to stay two steps ahead of anyone she works with.  The care and compassion she shows every patient will leaving you thinking how spoiled that pet is when she's taken care of them. 

  • Technician

    Alicia Cianci

    Alicia graduated from Cardinal O'Hara High School and then attended Delaware County Community College and majored in Liberal Arts.  She joined VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital in July 2007 and started out in the kennel.  She has worked several positions with her most recent being a veterinary room technician.  She has excelled in everything she has done within our hospital.

    Why I do what I do:  Animals have been a really important part of my life as long as I can remember and that is why I am in this field. I started here in 2007, in the last six years I have learned a great deal and grew in so many ways. My typical day revolves around animals especially my own. I love my cat, Best Friend aka Sinatra, my two miniature schnauzers, Nipsy & Clarence, my sister cat, Kitty, and my other cat, Lucky, who has recently passed. I plan to keep growing and being around animals for a long time.

    Special Note:  Alicia is a very special person with a great personality and we enjoy every day that we're able to work with her.  Alicia enjoys making people laugh and she is very good at it.  We look forward to working with Alicia for years to come.  What an amazing person she is and is someone who has a huge heart for animals and people.

  • Technician

    Kellie Dorko

    Kellie graduated from Haverford High School and then went for her Associates Degree at Vet Tech Institute.  She joined our team in July 2011 and has been an integral part of our hospital.  While working in many positions she found her calling when she became a veterinary room technician.  When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her three cats and her dog "Odie".

    Why I do what I do:  I grew up with MANY animals and always said I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little. I knew working with animals is something I would enjoy doing so I decided to go to school to be a vet technician. I love seeing the human and animal bond and even though the job gets a little dirty its so rewarding seeing sick pets get better.

    Special Note:  Kellie is a well rounded technician and comes to work with one thing on her mind and that's making that pet feel better.  She has a strong work ethic and loves to interact with people and pets.  We feel very fortunate that she chose to join our team.

  • Technician

    Casey Mansor

    Casey has been working as an experienced veterinarian technician for the last 6 years. She started her career at the Delaware County SPCA, working long days along side the Veterinarian during spay and neuter surgeries and caring for sick and mistreated homeless pets in hopes to finding them a forever home. Casey then went on to further and share her skills in private practice. Casey has great compassion and love for animals; for they can not speak for themselves. Casey enjoys working with our team to help provide your pets with a safe and speedy recovery in our treatment area.

    Why I do what I do:  I enjoy helping all animals to wards a speedy recovery.  When they can't speak for there selves we have to at least make them feel better, it's a great feeling when a pet leaves your care and is doing well.  It makes it all worth why I do what I do.

    Special Note:  What a special person Casey is, rather seeing her tending to the patients in our treatment area or assisting a coworker with whatever is needed, the compassion and care that she shows every patient or person makes you want to be a better person.   Casey has a heart of gold and we're lucky to have her. 

  • Technician

    Jennifer Unger
    Veterinary Tech School: Harcum College

    Jen graduated from Haverford High School and then attended Harcum College and received her accreditation as a licensed veterinary technician.  Jen's position encompasses all aspects of anesthesia and surgical nursing.  Jen started working with VCA Old Marple in April of 2009 and has grown into this fabulous technician.

    Why I do what I do:   I love being able to assist in the care and treatment of every patient and watching them improve and leave our care in a different state.  I have the best job out there, working with pets and clients and watching medicine advancing to different levels as the time goes by.

    Special Note:  We never have to worry when Jen's on the team assisting with monitoring anesthesia, we are proud of her desire and goals of learning more and more every day. 

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Kathleen Convery

    Kathleen graduated from Archbishop Prendergast.  She has been part of our team since 2003 and is a huge part of our team.  She enjoys taking care of animals and doesn't remember a time that she hasn't. 

    Why I do what I do:   I have always loved animals and now I'm caring for them, which was a life long dream of mine. 

    Special Note: Kathleen is a lifer here at our practice and we couldn't do our job without her.  She always has a smile on her face and loves taking care of all our patients.  What an amazing person.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Lateefa Slocum

    I'm from west Philadelphia, and I've been caring for and rescuing animals since I was a kid. I'm a “Bottle Baby” puppy and a FELV hospice Foster mom. Working and caring for animals has always been my calling. I planned to further my education to become a vet but became a little discouraged with the amount of schooling required; I'm slowly but surely getting back on track. After high school I attended Lincoln tech and became a Certified Medical Assistant. Using what I learned, I started working at The Delaware County SPCA in 2009, assisting in surgery and administering vaccinations. In January 2012 I took my experience to the next level, working here at VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital. I now assist the doctors in the exam rooms, X-ray, and Pharmacy, giving me room to grow. At home I have two dogs(living with me) named KC(Glen of Imaal Terrier) and Sundae(Border Collie/pit mix), a FELV foster cat named Olive, and three Red Eared Sliders named Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

    Why I do what I do:  The lives and well being of our patients is very important to me and it's a job I love to do!

    Special Note:  Lateefa is a great person and is one of our veterinary room technicians who has excelled in her position.  She has a love for animals as you can see with all the critters she has living at home with her.  She not only loves her own pets but shows compassion and care to every patient she interacts with.  What a great member of our team.