Client Services

  • Front Office Manager

    Cheryl Baxter

    Cheryl grew up in Chatsworth, NJ “the heart of the pines” and has been working in the veterinary field for almost thirty years.  She has only been with us for a very short time but came with a wealth of knowledge in customer service, manager experience and great team work.  She's a very passionate individual who wants the very best for every pet and client. She spends her time outside of work spending it with her family which she has five children altogether, two of her own and three stepchildren, ages range from 12 to 29 years old, all of whom keep her very busy.  She also has two black lab mixes, Blazer and Madison and two cats Jackie who rules the house and Rusty who is as big as a house.  Cheryl loves to go camping with her children and her favorite place to camp is Knoebels Campground in PA. 

    Why I do what I do:  From a young child I have always had a special love for animals, I grew up on a “farmette” we had cows, pigs, chickens and horses along with dogs and cats.  I always seem to favor the dogs that needed special care, I raised two deaf Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and rescued a lab with three legs, along with a pit bull mix that was used as a bait dog.  I could not imagine working in any other field but the veterinary one.

    Special Note:  What a great addition to our team, she is so energetic and is always looking to go over and beyond for our clients and our patients.  She has such a huge heart and is always looking for ways to make our customers experience even better.

  • Client Service

    Donna Interrante
    School: School of Nursing

    Donna is a born and bred Philly girl who graduated from West Philadelphia Catholic Girls High School.  After graduation she attended Thomas Jefferson University School of Nursing and St. Joseph's University.  Donna spent the majority of her career in the human medical profession but her passion for animals began as a child on her grandparent's farm in upstate Pennsylvania.

    For the past fifteen plus years, Donna began volunteering with local rescues in both the City of Philadelphia and then in Delaware County when she moved to Springfield in 1999. In 2005, Donna founded a non-profit rescue of her own , after seeing the shortcomings and frustrations born of the "save the world mentality" so prevalent in the animal rescue community.  Donna followed her dream and decided that saving strays, one at a time, may never change the world, but for that animal in need, she could indeed change their world. Today, her organization, Purrfect Paws Rescue, lives by that creed and literally thousands of abandoned and abused strays have found loving homes. Donna is President of Purrfect Paws but knows that the success of her organization is the result of the strong, committed group of volunteers she is both blessed and honored to have lead the "charge". You can read more about PurrFect Paws Rescue at
    Working in the field of rescue, not only with the animals, but with the wonderful pet owners that she connected with helped form another dream on Donna's horizon. Her innate compassion and skills from her medical background combined with her dedication to animals led her down a new career path and brought her to VCA Old Marple Animal Hospital in 2012. Donna's passion for people and the pets they love has made her position as the Patient Outreach Coordinator & Client Service Manager the perfect fit and is also now the Front Desk Manager.  Donna can always be heard saying that she cannot remember a time when she truly enjoyed coming to work everyday like she does now.  It's her dream job and she loves her work. Much like her feelings about her organization, she knows she is both blessed and humbled, to be part of such a dedicated team of professionals with an amazing passion for animal care and client service.
    Donna shares her home with four rescued bulldogs, her rescued kitties and at any given time a foster kitten or... two or three. Donna spends her free time doing mobile adoptions days on weekends and treasures the times she gets to see family.


    Why I do what I do:  I could always be found in the barn or sheep pens or rolling in the mud with the piglets (much to the chagrin of my mom) when spending time there.  One could find every neighborhood stray being fed and hanging out at her childhood row-house ( once again testing my mom's patience) and thus began my love affair with "rescue".  I truly enjoy making our clients happy and seeing their faces when their pet is going home with them.  I knew after trying out at nursing that this is what I was here to do, to help stray pet's find homes and make sure they were fed. Her goal is to make sure all of our clients were happy when they leave our practice.

    Special Note:  Donna has only been with us for a short time but has brought so much to our practice.  She now is our Patient Outreach Coordinator and has also taken on the responsibility as our front desk manager.  Her communication skills and personality has sent so many happy clients home wanting to come back just to receive more of her smile and compassion.  The relationship with her clients doesn't just end at the visit but instead she creates a bond with all clients she comes in contact with and they will continue to call her just to say hello.  She is an amazing team member and we couldn't deliver the great medicine we do with out her great communication skills, care and compassion.