VCA Old Canal Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Dr. Hexter Is The Best

-Cynthia Giuliani from Bristol, CT
Pet Name: Macy, Chloe, Tucker

I have 3 pets that go to VCA and they all see Dr. Hexter. In recent years I've had some illness w/my pets and even had to put one down. And again recently I'm struggling with a sick kitty, Macy. Dr. Hexter is patient, understanding and supportive at difficult times. He is never pushy and always informative. He returns calls promptly, calls to check on the pets progress and gives better service than I've ever received at a vet. And the best is, he really helps you through tough decision making by giving you all of your options, never making you feel bad about the decisions you make. We feel he actually cares. I will continue to go to VCA as long as Dr. Hexter is there!

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Excellent Service from a Staff Memember

-Elisa Pelletier from Bristol, CT
Pet Name: Pappy Gegenheimer

I just wanted to let everyone know what an excellent staff member Lee is. She took a possible chaotic check-in and took control with a prior discussion with Dr. Hexter to make this check-in easier on all involved.

I also can never thank Lee enough for meeting my husband Monday after storm Alfred and giving me my Pappy back!!!

great care

-Jessica from Plainville, CT
Pet Name: Trinket

I am so pleased with the care my dog gets at VCA Old Canal Animal Hospital. They are always friendly and helpful. They always comfort both my dog and I. There is no problem they can't diagnose. I can go there with confidence that everything will be OK after my visit. It very comforting to know that that level of care is available.

Great care and staff

-Suzanne and Joseph Massa from Newington, CT
Pet Name: Carmela-Bella

I wanted to thank the very understanding staff. Our dog Carmela-Bella was treated for a pyometra -an infection of the uterus. A major surgery that was handled quick and with the care of being one of there own. We are so happy to have our girl home.

The Old Canal Diamond Amidst the Coal

-Barbara Hubbs from Bristol, CT
Pet Name: Sounder

It cannot be overstated what a great relief and joy it is to come into a community and find a veterinary clinic the rises to the caliber of medical proficiency and compassion found at the VCA Old Canal Animal Hospital.

First impressions count. Certainly when you initially arrive, it is clear that the facility is immaculate and the friendly décor reflects the great love of animals shared by all. But, it get's even better.

Sadly, most pet owners have at one time or another had the experience of going to a vet's office and via subtle or not so subtle means been made acutely aware that they and their pets are “customers.” And the running of an animal hospital is in fact a business. But, then there are other veterinary practices, little diamonds in a sea of coal nuggets, that simply offer so much more. Old Canal is just that style of clinic.

The staff greets every single one of their humans like they are friends and family. And the staff knows each pet owner's animal by name. They personally rejoice with each animal's medical victories and hurt with them with any setback. As one sits in the waiting room and listens to their conversations with people as they come in for their pet's appointments, it is obvious that these familiarities are more than simply a quick review of the given animal's patient chart. These folks really know these animals and really care.

As for the doctors, all the veterinarians at Old Canal are very good. I have had experience with each of them. But, I especially love Troy Hexter. My cats now all go exclusively to him. He has "so often" gone far and above the call in treating my little furry ones.

Just this past year I have had two of my three cats afflicted with serious bouts of cancer. The first cat had a very rapid aggressive onset and there really wasn't much that could be done for her. But, we tried, and I think Dr. Hexter felt every bit as badly about her loss as I did. -- Then my second cat developed a very large tumor on his paw. Having personally been very sideswiped by the current recession I did not have the money to come in and have him treated. But, Dr. Hexter made sure that the cat came in then and there, and that my cat was treated as quickly as possible. We made payment arrangements for “after the fact” that were manageable for me. And even in those circumstances, Dr. Hexter approached the cat's issues from the standpoint of what was best for the cat, not for his wallet. The cat eventually underwent a front leg amputation. But, this was not before Dr. Hexter did extra research and had a consultation with a veterinary oncologist. And those were services he never charged me for. Thankfully, my cat is now doing well and when my little guy comes in, staff rolls in from all over the building to watch how well he's walking.

So, if you are contemplating making an appointment with this particular vet and/or veterinary office, please do.
I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Old Canal Animal Hospital Second to None

-Harold from Plainville, CT
Pet Name: Clementine

First time visit, No appointment on Saturday. I had a very sick cat and gave a call. Nancy said "if you don't mind waiting a while we can fit you in. Awesome! The wait was not long at all. What a surprise! The treatment has been great so far, we have a couple of weeks before the cat will recover 100%. But the professionalism of everyone was second to none. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I highly recommend Old Canal and you know Clementine will be back! Karen and Dr. Cesna were great, too!!
Thanks again

Lexi's visits

-June from Southington, CT
Pet Name: Lexi

I can't thank VCA and Dr Hexter enough for keeping are Lexi in the best shape possible. She has had many problems over her 13 plus years but, she has always been able to bounce back to her happy self with their help. Our recent visit we thought would be our last. Dr Hexter helped us mend our Lexi and she is a happy dog as I write this review. We have always been treated with the up most respect by every staff member of VCA. Thank you for caring for our little drama queen!