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Published: Jul 03, 2012

Before you head out in the sun with your family, you probably slather on the sunscreen and make sure there is plenty to reapply later. If your dog is going to be accompanying you out into the sunshine this summer, it is important to consider protection from harmful UV rays for him, too.

According to Dogster Magazine, there are several ways to prevent and treat sunburns on your dog. One preventative measure you can take is to skip shaving your dog this summer. Some owners consider shaving a necessary aspect of dog grooming, especially in the summer, but by doing so you are taking away one of the only protective barriers the dog has for his skin. Instead of shaving, the magazine recommends thinning out your dog's coat by regularly brushing him to remove any loose hairs from the undercoat.

If you must shave your dog or cut its coat short for the summer months, try to do it before the temperature rises too much, so enough fur grows back in time to protect its skin, VCA Animal Hospitals reports.

Generally, it is a good idea to make sure there is a source of shade for your dog if you are outside together. This can also keep him cool and prevent heatstroke. If your dog does get sunburned, you can treat this type of pain in dogs by giving him a bath with cool water and gentle, soap-free shampoo, Dogster recommends.