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Published: May 25, 2011

Many pet owners are ecstatic that the weather is warmer and their furry friends can play outside. However, it is important to remember the laws and regulations for pets that can impact your wallet along with your pooch. According to the Danvers Patch, dog owners should be aware of the local laws because they can be fined for simple things such as allowing your dog to go on a walk without a leash.

Several towns require that a resident registers their furry friend, and there is a licensing fee that goes with it. The animal control office can fine individuals if they jave a pet that has not been licensed. Also, in some parts of the U.S., people will have to pay $25 if their pooch is not on a leash. Bringing something to pick up after your four-legged companion often is required along with the proper vaccinations, according to the news source.

Each town and city has a different set of rules, and it is important to find out exactly what your town requires.

According to the ASPCA, all vaccinations are not required for each pooch or feline. Therefore, it is important for individuals to discuss vaccination options with their veterinarian. These doctors will be able to outline the proper and necessary vaccinations to ensure good pet health.