VCA Northwood Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Debra Early from muncie, IN
Pet Name: Rocky

My dog Rocky was referred to VCA/Anderson by my vet, he had to have surgery on his bladder for stones and he wasn't urinating on his own, they did the surgery then sent him here to recover they discovered he wasn't urinating by himself because his healing process was sending out scabs that were so big they were clogging his urethra and they saved his life by irrigating his bladder until they were gone,If not for their watchful eyes he would be gone KUDOS!!!! to them for saving my baby, I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Wonderful staff

-Stacy R. from Pendleton, IN
Pet Name: Ranger

We had to make the hardest decision a pet caretaker has to make. Our older cat was suffering, and in a significant amount of pain. The staff went above and beyond to help with the grief of losing our pet. They were so kind, beginning to end, and everyone, from the vet to the techs, were supportive. I cannot express how grateful I am to VCA Northwood for the level of support and caring we received. They are truly a gem.