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Published: Oct 11, 2011

Cats show their affection toward their owners in different ways than dogs and these subtle affections can be easily overlooked.

According to, cats tend to show they care for their owners through their body movements and positions.

One sign of love that may be missed is when a cat blinks slowly at its owner. This is referred to by some as “kitty kisses," and cats use it to show they are content. Owners can return the love by blinking back slowly at their cat to deepen the feline-human bond.

Most owners have had their cat rub its head against their leg or hand before, though many people may not know it is a common sign of affection. According to the publication, when a cat rubs its face on a person, it is marking the individual with its scent. Cats have glands on their faces that release pheromones. Each feline's pheromones are unique to them, similar to fingerprints on people, so other animals that smell a marked person will know that they “belong” to a cat!

Aside from raising an affectionate cat, owners need to make sure their feline is trained in order to live a fulfilled life. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, cats learn best through positive reinforcements like being pet, played with and being fed treats. Giving cats these privileges when they behave well and withholding praise or treats when they act up shows them that behaving properly comes with rewards.