VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Wonderful Care

-Matt from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Nutmeg

A couple of days after giving birth, Nutmeg had to be kept at the clinic with her newborn kittens for over a week of observation. I can't express enough how professional, compassionate, and accomodating all of the staff and doctors at VCA were. My recources were limited and I was very worried for Nutmeg's and her kitten's wellbeing. They made it possible for me to provide Nutmeg with quality care and were very kind to a worried pet owner. Their first concern was always the care of Nutmeg and her babies, and they were compassionate enough to throw in care for the owner too.

Many Years of Outstanding Care for My Cats

-Dave from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Zach

I "inherited" my first cat in 1985, and have had many since then. VCA Northwest Hills is the only vet clinic I've ever used, and I have consistently been pleased with the care the vets and support staff have provided to my kitties. I am greeted by the same vets and support staff year after year, and have been seeing many of the same customers for years as well. I think this is a good indicator of the kind of positive, caring place VCA is. My cats and I are thankful for the many years of kindness and professional service provided by this great organization.

Million Thanks to Dr Mendelzon and staff

-Linda Murphy from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Mabel

My 87 year old Dad adopted a 9 year old beagle mix, Mabel, from the Austin Humane Society. Fortunately for us the VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital was the site for her free first exam. From the registration through the treatment of Mabel's subsequent pneumonia, the VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital staff was extremely efficient, kind, and expert about what Mabel needed and generously worked with my Dad's limited income to pay for services. Dr. Mendelzon is highly regarded; her care is expert and practical. We definitely knew Mabel was in the best of hands. She and her staff kept in touch to make sure Mabel recovered from the pneumonia. My Dad and I are eternally grateful for the care and compassion extended to Mabel and to us. We look forward to Mabel living many more years thanks to the expert care and compassion of the VCA Northwest Hills Animal Hospital staff.

Pet Image

I have never been treated better

-Audrey from Austin, TX
Pet Name: Bibs

My name is Audrey and my pet's name was Bibs. Just a quick history about Bibs is that her mom ran away when she was 2 weeks old, so I adopted and bottle feed her. I felt a deeper connection with her because she reminded me so much when my son was a baby and waking up every couple hours for a feeding. Then on a Sunday she started having heavy breathing, but by Monday morning she felt cold to the touch and was seriously struggling to breath. At this point she was only 8 weeks old and thought she might die. I called and talk with Olivia, and even though I have never been there she made sure Bibs would be seen right away. I walk inside and Olivia was so attentive to my Dad and myself and because of that I was able to calm down some and start the paperwork. While I was doing that Olivia wasted no time by adamantly taking Bibs back. Then Olivia informed us that Dr. Lauri Mendelyon was already examining her. Then Olivia walks us back into the examining room while we waited to hear from Dr. Lauri. Shortly Dr. Lauri came in and in the most gentle way, but at the same time was informed us about the seriousness of Bibs condition. Bibs condition was so serious that after hearing some option which honestly the likely hood of her serving treatment was very low and if she did survive she would be suffering. What I loved about the way Dr. Lauri handed this was that she let me come to the decision on my own that Bibs should be put to sleep and I really appreciated the fact she allowed me to do so on my own. After I did that Dr. Lauri made me feel confident that I was doing the best thing for her. Then a technician named Amber came in and was so sincere and even though we had to go over cost she was very professional but at the same time so empathetic. The Amber asked me if I would like this, very nice leather book that when opened on one side you could put a picture and on the other side would be Bibs paw print in a plaster of Paris kind material and this was COMPLEMENTARY!!! Them could be stored in a beautiful box. I was very upset and had to leave while my Dad stay behind for me because I honestly could not handle what was happening. Not until days later I realized I left one of my towels I had Bibs wrap in while we were there. I called and I was not expecting that it would still be expecting it was and that's definitely something they did not have to do because it really was a long time until I remember I left it. I will never go to any other vet because of the care and treatment I receive here and this type of services is hard to come by now a days.