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-Cheryl from Prospect, PA
Pet Name: Mai Tai

I want to thank all of the staff at Northview for their support and comfort during a very difficult time. Everyone was so king and compassionate I can't thank you enough... Even know we lost our beloved Mai Tai they were very very understanding of her needs as well as ours.

Great Place

-Debbie from Washington, PA
Pet Name: Sidney

I can't say enough about them, they were great with my dog Sidney. He was there for 3 days and had surgery. They never got tired of me calling, they were polite and informative. The surgery went well and he is recovering nicely.

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-Christine from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Griffin

What an impact Dr. Sara Lavery and the staff at VCA have had on the recovery of my dear dog, Griffin, as well as my neighborhood who, as you can see from the attached photo, were all hoping for his return to health. Griffin was attacked by a dog and taken to VCA where Dr Lavery sat on the floor with him, examined him closely, and offered a depth of compassion and support to my frightened heart and his broken spirit. It was amazing how she took his wounds into her care and quickly assisted his healing. I cannot say enough for Dr Lavery's gentleness, understanding, and wisdom. Along with the wonderful vet techs, each person provided outreach to me between visits as it was easy to see what an anxious mom I was as I awaited test results, surgery outcomes, and care instructions. These were all provided within a timely and caring manner. My puppy is doing so much better today, sleeping comfortably, and his once broken spirit is now whole and happy and safe. Thank you so much VCA, Dr Sara Lavery, and the entire staff at VCA! You have impacted an entire community with your amazing and thoughtful care.


-Stacey from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Miss Kitty

I wanted to give high praise to the staff at Northview for the care of me and my cat Miss Kitty last week, my little girl had been very sick with a mouth tumor and last week I knew it was time to put her to rest, the staff and doctor that helped me that day was amazing, it was the hardest thing I have had to go through and they were very sweet and compasionate and honest and I will certainly keep them as my vet from here on out! Thank you all!!!

Thanks Dr. Bebe and staff

-Harry from Mars, PA
Pet Name: Kolby

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr Bebe and all the staff members who took GREAT care of our little puppy Kolby and have him back on the track to health - GREAT PEOPLE- GREAT DOCTOR!!!!

Thanks Dr. Bebe and staff

-Harry from Mars, PA
Pet Name: Kolby

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr Bebe and all the staff members who took GREAT care of our little puppy Kolby and have him back on the track to health - GREAT PEOPLE- GREAT DOCTOR!!!!

Years of High Praise

-Dawn A Weichler from Turtle Creek, PA
Pet Name: Kwanita

I have been a client of Northview Animal Hospital for 20 years! Dr. Pleban took wonderful care of Sable throughout her entire life. When her time came to an end they were very supportive. They have also cared for my Kwanita and Santi (husky's). They get into everything, we have rushed to the hospital after ingesting albuteral and rat poison each time met at the door with immediate help. When my Santi died they were compassionate and caring. The staff always makes me feel like my kid is the best in the world. While in Haiti, Kwanita tore her ACL. We scheduled an appointment for as soon as I returned. Kwanita went in for surgery and today is running again without a care in the world Dr. Lansdowne did a wonderful job on her leg. Thank you to all the Dr's and staff at Northview, your the best!

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Deepest Appreciation

-Sandy Wolfe and Family from Munhall, PA
Pet Name: Samson Edward Wolfe-Sammy

We can never fully express our appreciation for the kindness and compassion shown to our beloved Sammy and our family by Dr. Sisk and the staff at Northview. Our Sammy was taken back to heaven on December 26, but when we came to get his earthly body the compassion from your staff continued. God Bless all of you.

compassionate staff

-Diana T from Pgh, PA
Pet Name: Dottie

We brought our beloved Maltese to the hospital after she suddenly became very ill and began bleeding from her urethra. Unfortunately, she passed on the trip to the hospital. We didn't know this until we got there because I had her wrapped in a blanket. The male staff member who met us at the door and gave us this heartbreaking news was extremely compassionate and understood our grief, as was the female vet who made arrangements for us. I am very thankful for their compassion and support. Diana T.

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Thank You Dr. Assandri and Staff

-Dana Miloaga from Pittsburgh, PA
Pet Name: Addabelle

We would like to thank the whole team at VCA Northview Animal Hospital Specialty Referral Center for their competent and prompt care and support through the past two years. Our dog was about four years old when she has been diagnosed with Lymphoma. She lived with it for two full and very happy years. Addabelle never dreaded to go to the hospital, where everybody knew her name and she often slept through chemo in the arms of caring technicians. Treatment options were always clearly presented and discussed with us, and we have been constantly educated about how to anticipate and prevent side effects so that dog’s quality of life did not diminish. Thank you!