• Hospital Manager

    Kaeley Blum

    Hello!  My name is Kaeley, I have been with VCA since June of 2010.  Its an honor to be part of such a caring and professional team!  I have worked with animals my entire life.  Riding horses competitively was my passion until about age 22. Since then I have been working as a Veterinary Technician and as a manager in many capacities.  I have had the privilege of managing one of the largest humane societies in the country as well as directing their medical program.  During this time I also pursued an externship in Animal Behavior and began freelancing as a consultant for shelters on issues pertaining to management and behavior evaluations.  I live in NY state with my 2 gorgeous daughters.  We have many many pets , including 3 dogs, 4 chickens, a pet goose as well as a horse.  in my free time I enjoy family time, Horseback riding and Surfcasting.