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VCA Northern is the Best

-Debbie from Phoenix, AZ

When I first went to VCA Northern Animal Hospital, it was for an emergency and I was very nervous. But, the staff was warm, friendly, knowledgeable AND reassuring. My dog, Einstein, is blind and had fallen into our pool while we were bbq-ing. The receptionist, Fay, immediately took Einstein to the veterinarian, Dr. Burdick, and she began examining him. Fay took me to a room where she brought me coffee and actually made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Dr. Burdick, the veterinarian, came and told me that Einstein appeared to be okay but she thought it was best to keep him overnight for observation. The next day, Tammy, the hospital manager, called and said I could pick up Einstein. When I got there, Raymie and Jonathan, the vet techs, told me that Einstein had a good night and you could tell they actually cared about him. The next day, Dr. Burdick called me to find out how Einstein was doing. I have never had a doctor (a people doctor or veterinarian) call me themselves for an update! I am truly impressed with the staff at VCA Northern. I now go there for all of my pet's needs- vaccines, pet food, exams, heartworm preventative. Next month I will be boarding Einstein, Penelope, Esperanza, Hector and Jazmine at VCA Northern because I KNOW they will be well taken care of!

Great Experience

-Rocco and Ashlee from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Rocco and Ashlee

I wanted to let everyone know what a great experience I have every time I come to your facility. I literally used to have to drag my dog out of the car every time I had to visit the vet not to mention muzzle him. He is very particular about who he trusts. Since the first time I visited your facility I could tell it would be different. Now he is excited when I tell him we are going to the Doctor and there is no need to muzzle him anymore. His tail wags when we walk in and he sees everyone there. I think it is because he can tell you guys really do have a genuine care when it comes him. So when I got my new puppy I knew I would not take her anywhere else. I just want to thank you guys for the wonderful and caring job you do!

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The Best

-Melissa P from Glendale, AZ
Pet Name: Oscar and Hooch

I want to thank everyone at VCA Northern for always being caring and professional and helping me through some difficult times with my animals. I cannot wait to to bond with another cat or dog so I have a reason to visit all of you real soon!

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Wouldnt go anywhere else

-Amanda from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Artimis and Baily

I have three cats and I will only bring them here. Staff is knowledgeable and truly cares about them. I feel so nervous going to a new vet but when my cat was in a lot of pain they eased my fears and helped me make him feel better! Thanks VCA!!!

Twenty One Years and Counting

-Mike and Karen Tierney from Phoenix, AZ

We moved to AZ over 21 years ago from Ohio. Dr. David Drennan, our Vet back home and a friend of Dr. Vajda, suggested we check out the then Northern Animal Hospital.We haven't gone anywhere else!


-Kathy Rehe from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Jingle, Buddy, Big Boy

This is what I posted on facebook today:
Can I just say... I love my vet clinic!!! VCA Northern in Phoenix. One of my cats is due for his shots, so I called and said "I need to bring Big Boy in for his shots". Sophia, the receptionist, said "I have a 4:30 appointment, you said it was for Big Boy?" And I hear Jonathan, one of the technicians, in the background yell out "Hi Kathy!" - and I've only had the cat in twice in 2 years.
I moved here about 5 years ago. Picked VCA Northern for my vet hospital because they were close to my home. They took such good care of my cat Flint when I boarded him that he wanted to stay when I came to pick him up. That blew my mind. If you look at the pictures under the "our team" tab, Dr Martin examining and looking at Buddy - that's one of my other cats! He has mega-colon, and we have been through many, many, many procedures. And many, many meds. Dr Martin suggested putting him on a new diet that they carry. We did, and slowly decreased the meds he was on. He had been going in for treatments every couple of days when we switched his food. It took a month or so to totally wean him off his meds. Instead of him being in for procedures every other day, it was over 6 months before he had to go back!!! And then they remembered his brother - even tho he had only been there a couple times.
I repeat my message that I put on facebook - Can I just say... I LOVE MY VET CLINIC!!!

Miracle Workers two Miracles at that

-Amber and Kyle H from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Dude and Roxy

First off, I would like to say Thank you again to Dr. Martin, Sophia, Kyle, and Faye! These people are extraordinary!
Dr. Martin is in deed an actual living breathing Miracle Worker! I had a puppy named Dude, of mine who came down with Parvo. I was so scared, and he was in such bad shape. I chose Northern Animal Hospital because I had been there a few months prior for my dog Lady. She had a really bad scrape right above her eye from the previous owner we got her from. We took her in, and Dr. Martin proscribed her some pills to take away the infection, and the scrap. Within a matter of days Lady was fully healed. When Dude got the Parvo, I immediately thought of this place. I called them, and they got Dude in immediately because of the symptoms I told them he had. Once we got there It was great service, they made me feel welcomed, and made me feel like they really cared for Dude (which they do)! Once he was diagnosed, they prescribed him this bag of fluids. It is there own recipe! We had to poke him twice a day to give him the fluids! And, Im serious, after TWO (the one he got at the vet, and after the one we gave him at home) he was showing dramatic improvement! He was eating, trying to play with the others, giving TONS of kisses, and just basically back to him self. We gave him the hole bag of fluids, about a week lil less, and he was 120%%%%%!!! It was absolutely AMAZING! I really don't know what would have happened if it weren't for Dr. Martin and her team. They really literally saved Dude's life! Two weeks later, my dog Roxy got sick. I thought it was parvo, but it wasn't, it was much much worse. She got DISTEMPER!!!! She was showing signs, I called VCA Northern, and once again they had Roxy immediately go in to see Dr. Martin. It was horrible hearing my dog had parvo, and it was unbearable to hear 2 weeks later my other dog had distemper. I was in shock and disbelief. Once again, they prescribed Roxy the same bag of fluids they gave Dude. Only this time, Roxy was 100%%% better after 3 doses. She started eating, acting the way she acts, wanting to play, and just really her happy self again. It did take a little bit longer for her to be 120% but it wasn't too long. This was around Xmas 2011. I was going to to see my family in California, and could not take her with me because she was still contagious. So....I had her stay at VCA Northern. (Pet Boarding) She was kept separate from other dogs, and was even taken for small walks by Kyle. The vet tech. He fed her and made sure she got some loving. He even gave her a treat for Christmas. It was horrible spending the Holiday without her, but it was wonderful knowing she was in good hands. I was not worried or nervous one bit. Now, all FOUR of my dogs are healthy, happy, vaccinated pets. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone. Lets just say, if I EVER move out of AZ, no matter where I go, if my dogs need to see a vet, I will without a doubt be taking them to VCA Northern Animal Hospital!

Rufus can still hear

-Scarlett Jane from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Rufus and Mu

I found Rufus about a year ago in Phoenix, abused and in terrible condition. Never having owned a dog, I didn't know where to start in order to get him healthy. I first took him to Alta Vista Vet where I was told for eight months that he just had a really bad ear infection. At the end of that time, I adopted another dog, Mu, from the Arizona Humane Society. With Mu came free vet visits at VCA Northern and thank goodness for those! I came to my senses and let them examine Rufus as well. I didn't feel my concerns were taken seriously at my first vet, but VCA staff listened to me and considered different approaches instead of continuing the treatment that wasn't working. They suggested a sensible alternative and after a thorough examination, they found SIX foxtails in his ears. Because the foxtails had been in there so long, there was a good chance Rufus was going to be deaf due to the treatment needed to extract them. I was so upset that my dog had been in so much pain for so long and as a result might lose his hearing. But thankfully the doctors at VCA Northern knew the right things to do to prevent that from happening and gave me perfect instructions for how to take care of him. It took him awhile to heal, but I finally felt confident that he really was healing. Rufus can still hear and he and his sister are finally both healthy and happy!

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Care and Treatment Worthy of an Olympian

-London from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: London

I was recently adopted from the AZ Human Society and my new mommy had the opportunity for an initial exam with the VCA Northern Animal Hospital. OMG, what excellent treatment I received. Rahmie the Vet Tech was so good with me. Dr. Martin was fabulous. They treated my ear infection, gave me a good look over and took the extra time to educate my new mommy on how to best take care of me. They really care about the animals and the family too. I love it there! My new mommy and I will definitely continue to go there for my continued health and well being. Thanx for the great care.

Absolutely Amazing

-Amber F. from Phoenix, AZ
Pet Name: Jack

Today, we took our cat Jack in due to an eye injury. It was our first time coming to VCA Northern, and I have to say it was such a great experience. The place was nice and clean and most of all, the staff and Doctor were amazing! They were friendly and was very gentle with our Jack. They knew what they were doing and helped us with what we needed. Great service and great people. We will definitely be using them in the future :)