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VCA - Your Staff is Simply Amazing

-Animal Shelter Inc of Sterling from Sterling, MA

From all of us at the Animal Shelter Inc of Sterling we want to thank VCA's staff for giving our pets and adopters amazing care and compassion!

Over the past 9 years we've been fortunate enough to have a partnership with all the NE hospitals!

We do alot of work with Northboro VCA and Dr. Melissa Dudley... if it weren't for Dr. Dudley we wouldn't be fortunate enough to make some of our pets happy and healthy enough for adoption. Dr. Dudley and the staff at Northboro have always gone above and beyond to help our shelter, pets, adopters and staffs pets... and we thank you!

Every time I'm at the hospital - the staff has been so compassionate to all clients and pets and they know all the pets names as they are walking through the door!

It says alot! The staff is super professional, dedicated and caring... and thats what I want when looking for a hospital for my own pets and the pets at our shelter!

So kudos to all the staff at Northboro and throughout NE for giving our homeless pets a new leash on life!

We love you all...
Leigh Grady
Executive Director
Animal Shelter Inc