Veterinary Support

  • Technician

    Mariah Brittain
    School: Appalachian State University, Anthropology/Sustainable Developement

    Mariah has been working at VCA North Rockville since July 2012.

     Mariah has always been an avid animal lover. She grew up with dogs, cats, horses, birds and various wildlife that she saved.  She has always been "horse crazy"- learning ride before she could walk. She graduated college in 2009 and moved from NC to MD to work on a horse breeding farm before she found herself working in small animal practices.  In her "free time," Mariah is currently learning obedience training with Noel (co-worker) and Wes Jensen, rides horses, hikes with her dogs and takes all types of art classes. She has a career goal of eventually becoming a certified technician. She has Roux (mixed breed-pictured), Tate (rottweiler-pictured), and Vienna (calico DSH).  She also lives, loves and helps out  with horses, bunnies, goats, chickens, pigs and cows.

    "Love. The unconditional love that you receive from animals is the reason I do what I do. Being able to return just a small portion of that love is why I love what I do. When you have an animal and their human come into the hospital and you see that they would do anything for each other- seeing that bond brightens any mood, any day. Helping prolong and improve that bond between people and their pets is what keeps me looking forward to going into work."

  • Technician

    Tiya Butler

    Tiya has been at VCA North Rockville since July 2011.

    Tiya has been in the veterinary field since 2008. She lives in her family home with her 3 dogs: Taz (Shar Pei), Smokey (Chow Chow), and Spanky (Shar Pei).

    "I, myself, love people. It brings me great joy when I'm able to help a client with the needs of their pets on a daily basis. I love the smiles, the warm hugs, the cards and candy, but nothing is more pleasing than hearing how much of a big help you have been in the process of helping their pets (loved ones). It's a satisfying feeling, a feeling of great accomplishment to help others not only am I helping them but their bestfriends too."

  • Technician

    Noel Shaw

    Noel has been with VCA North Rockville since July 2012.

    Noel is a single mom who's daughter is attending her freshman year (2013) at St. Mary's College of Southern Maryland. Hoo-rah for single mom's and for the Seahawks!

    In her spare time, Noel is very involved with sport dogs. She has a young female German Shepherd, Tortuga, who, at 19mo old, is going for her B.H. in the spring Schutzhund. (The start of many levels of the Schutzhund sport.) She does advanced off leash obedience, tracking and guard/protection work. Noel also has a Dutch/German Shepherd cross, Godric, that she rescued a few years ago from Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. Godric loves doing off leash obedience and teaching others that all is possible. Noel trains and works with Wesley Jensen aka Arrowwood Shepherd Inc.

    Noel has been involved with veterinary medicine since the early 1990s. She started as a kennel worker, then a receptionist and is now a veterinary technician. She found her love of animals is more than her love of humans. 4 paws are better than 2.

    "I was probably 13 years old or so when a commercial on TV aired a young tattered dog chained to a tree with a small dirt shack with audio sounds of a little girl asking, "Uncle Charlie, where's that cute puppy you all had a Christmas?" A man's voice replies, "Out back yonder." As the young dog perks up at the sound of voices, only to lay back down in disappointment and whimper. To this day, uncertain of who promoted the commercial. Only know it left a lasting impression for life. Inspiring me to become an advocate for the misfits and less fortunate ones. Self taught from horses, snakes, rats, wildlife, cats and of course dogs. I've worked for and with horse farms, racetracks, kennels, animal control/animal shelters, rescue groups, and proud to be a technician at VCA North Rockville. I continue my quest and journey through  help of education, training and demonstrating that: YES! You too can have that cute adorable puppy 24-7."