Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Karla Batres
    School: Montgomery College

    Karla was born in El Salvador where the quality of pet care is not the best simply because client education is not as readily available as it is in the United States. She moved to the States when she was 5 years old and always kept her desire to one day be able to have and care for a dog or cat someday. Though she took care of many fishes during her childhood, she was still not satisfied. Now Karla lives with her animal enthusiast best friend and has been able take care of and fall in love with her friend's cat and dog. Karla is also now the mother of her fluffy baby, Horchata-- a Lionhead Rabbit mix. Karla joined the VCA team in October to further help her fulfill her childhood dream of caring for pets and being able to provide better client education of quality pet care.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           "I am here to help keep smiles continually on pets' and owners' faces in the same way they have brought smiles to my face."

  • Receptionist

    Adela Guevara

    Adela is a super friendly animal lover who was born and raised in Maryland. She has a son named Santiago who is following her steps in becoming an animal lover as well. Santiago and Adela love and care for 2 turtles named Lucky and Berry and a couple of fishes. They hope to adopt a dog or kitty fairly soon into their little family. Adela has many years of experience in customer service but only recently decided to pursue her passion for animals as well. At VCA North Rockville she gets the wonderful opportunity to enjoy her job day in and day out which is a privelge she had previously not known in other industries. Animals have always brought her joy and happiness so she hopes to one day be able to provide and do more for those without a voice and help those within her sphere.


    " I do this because animals will love you more than they love themselves. I want to help them the way they bring me comfort when I need it the most."