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By Cara
Published: July 07, 2014

Bringing your kitty into see us can be a scary, worrisome time. The car ride alone can be stressful enough. Cats that are "crate trained" tend to tolerate the car ride more. Covering the carrier during the car ride can help ease ride anxiety.

How can we make your visit to see us a better experience?

When you check in at the front desk, please ask for a Feliway towel. Feliway is a happy cat pheromone, and having a towel to hide behind adds to the calming effect. We try to get you into an exam room as quickly as possible, but using a Feliway towel can make any waiting more tolerable for your kitty. We have a separate waiting area for people with cats or dogs that are scared of other dogs.

On this end, we would like to take more of a hands off approach. What does this mean? For many cats, taking the lid off of the carrier and leaving them in for the exam (taking them out to get their accurate weight on our little scale).

Does your cat like to be rewarded with treats? Confident kittys may eat cookies here, or indulge in a little catnip. Shy cats tend to want nothing to do with our attempts at bribery.

Please bring your own catnip so it is fresh.