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By Cara
Published: August 07, 2014

Visits to the veterinarian don’t have to be scary. We want to be good guys, an exciting place for your pooch to come, or at least not a terrifying experience.

For many dogs, food is a powerful motivator. You may notice that we like to use food “bribes” liberally (especially Heather Bruce and Dr. Warner!). While we have many types of treats to chose from, it would be best for your dog’s health if we used their regular food to accomplish our mission.

How can you help? We would like to have you save half of your dogs breakfast to use for treats during routine visits. (For appointments later in the day, use half of their dinner allotment.) Bring the rest of the meal with you. This way we can go overboard with the food, not upset tummies or allergies, or ruin dinners and diets.

If your dog is already too nervous to take food when you bring them in for visits; we encourage you to come in for “pawsitive reinforcement” visits. Speak with your doctor’s assistant about how to best do progressive “pawsitive reinforcement” visits.

For dogs that are not interested in food, but are toy motivated, please bring one or two of their favorite toys with them.

We would love to make this a “pawsitive” experience for all.