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By VCA North Portland
Published: September 22, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

In 1966, I graduated with a degree in Pre-med from Purdue University. I interviewed at several Medical Schools, but decided to go into Veterinary Medicine instead. It has been a wonderful profession to work in and I look forward to going to work every day. Many of my clients, I consider my friends and I considered my staff part of my family. Two years ago, I sold North Portland Veterinary Hospital to VCA. This has allowed us to do things that we might not have been able to do otherwise. VCA has invested in New Surgery Lights, Non Invasive Surgery, Radiology, and Ultrasound. Consultation with some of the best veterinarians in the United States helps us to practice better medicine. Being a part of VCA also insures that the hospital will be able to serve our very special clients and their family members for many years to come. It wasn’t easy making the decision, but I knew that this was the best way for the practice to continue.

A lot has changed since I started practicing. When I bought Dr. Carter’s practice in 1972, I had a wooden surgery table and wooden kennels. The X-ray machine must have been made in the 1940’s. I had no anesthesia machine and no monitoring equipment. There were no Specialists in town, no Veterinary School and no Emergency Clinic. Today, we have specialists in Portland in almost every discipline, three of our veterinarians actually graduated from the Oregon State Veterinary School and we have Dove Lewis Emergency Clinic and four other emergency clinics in the Portland/Vancouver area. We have ultrasound, MRI’s, CAT Scans, Radioactive Iodine Therapy and Chemotherapy available. It’s much harder to diagnose by the seat of your pants. And now we have gone to Electronic Medical Records.

I turned 70 this year and went on Social Security and Medicare. My wife and I have been lucky to have a successful marriage for forty-six years. She worked in the practice for many years and the practice has been our life for most of those years. Now it’s time to sign up for the next chapter while we are still healthy. In October, we are spending two weeks on a dive boat in the Sea of Cortez (I can still climb back in the boat). I will be back at work for the three weeks after that, but retirement is set for the end of October. Thanks for allowing me the privilege of taking care of your special friends over the years. I have a lot of confidence in the doctors and staff at the practice and know they will take great care of you when needed. And by the way, that’s where I will continue to take our three dogs and three cats after retirement.

Don McCoy