VCA North Division Animal Medical Center Testimonials

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Jasper McLovin

-Michelle from Spokane, WA
Pet Name: Jasper McLovin Rochon

My family and I took my hairy son Jasper McLovin for a walk at bowl and pitcher. We were not there long when Jasper leaped over the rock wall and fell about 300 feet down into the river. Luckily Jasper made it to the bank and we rushed him to the vet. Dr Peterson was waiting there for Jasper and I felt very confident with his care for him. Jasper had air in his chest cavity and it was getting worse as time went by. Without Dr Peterson's care for Jasper he would not have been able to breathe. Dr Peterson is a great vet and very caring. Without Dr Peterson I'm sure we would have lost Jasper. Thank you Dr Peterson. From the Rochon's

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Miss Mica

-Edward Byerly from Spokane, WA
Pet Name: Miss Mica

Thank you for you helping me with Miss Mica. With TLC as she always gets she is all healed up and being her goofy self now.