• Hospital Manager

    Yolanda Maqsoud
    Veterinary Tech School: Mercy College
    School: St. John's University

    Yolanda has been a part of the VCA family for many years.  She has worked in specialty hospitals throughout NYC including working at NC State Veterinary School Teaching Hospital.  She has a shih tzu ( Polo), peek a poo ( Little Girl) and of course two kitty's an American Silver Shorthair(D) and Maincoon ( Fossil).    You can always find her giving some love to all of your pets.

    She does what she does for the love of the veterinary field, as well as trying to make every visit a positive visit for you and your pet.

  • Office Manager

    Nichole Jones

    Nichole is our Office Manager. We have been priviliged to have her with us since December of 2002. Nichole moved to Florida from Ashtabula, Ohio, where she started her career in the veterinary industry. While living in Ohio she attended Kent State University and studied nursing for 2 years.
    Nichole shares her home with her husband and their five handsome sons. But, the family doesn't stop there. They also have ten fish and three dogs. The "dog pack" consists of Mr Jinks and Yushi, who are Chihuahua's and Shelu, an English Bulldog. Nichole loves to go for walks with her sons and their dogs. They even have a bath day for the dogs where everyone pitches in. She says, with a big smile on her face, that this can become quite a messy job!
    Besides going for walks with the dogs, Nichole and her family also enjoy spending time together playing games and going to the movies. They also enjoy cooking together, and Nichole is quite proud of her little chefs.
    Whenever she is not with her family, or working at the hospital, Nichole enjoys volunteering for the elderly in our community. She says that she loves spending time trying to put a smile on someone's face, and letting them know that she cares. And, that definately comes across here.
    Nichole says that she "enjoys working at VCA because of the care that we provide for the animals" "We all believe that your pet's health is our top priority, and excellent service is our goal! My wonderful co-workers, clients, and most of all our patients are the reason I come to work with a smile everyday. Thanks for making my job enjoyable".