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Wonderful Care

-Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
Pet Name: Bentley

The team at Noah's Ark has been so wonderful. They have not only provided Bentley (our 7 mo. Golden) with exceptional, genuine care, they have made the trauma of his accident manageable for my husband and I. They have been very good about follow up phone calls to check on how's he's doing, and making sure he's improving. We recommend Noah's Ark to everyone who is looking for genuine care for their pet.


-charlotte from goleta, CA
Pet Name: Patches

I am Patches and I am a happy Cat. I have good friends at Noah's Ark who all are pretty cool people. They do some poking but it isn't to bad...but I am happy to get home again!

The steel table is cold but my Mom stands there and pets me so I do not mind.

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Happy Ten years

-Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
Pet Name: Tommy

Everyone at Noah's Ark has always been welcoming, friendly, helpful and above all, good to my cat, Tommy.

long -term client

-Sheila from Santa Barbara, CA
Pet Name: Ari and Freckles

We've been clients of Noah's Ark for about 14 years and have always been happy with our service.

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We're all Better

-Patrick and Riley from Goleta, CA
Pet Name: Patrick and Riley

My two puppies were diagnosed with Parvo last winter. All of the staff at Noah's Ark were so wonderful and caring about my sick pups. I'm happy to announce that with the care they received and the home care that was taught to me (which saved me a lot of money) they both survived and are growing up to be big and strong. They will be 8 months in a few days. Thank you! Keep up the awesome work!!! XOXO

Yea Noah's Ark

-Shay from Santa Barbara, CA
Pet Name: Remy

I love this place! I always feel that our animals are getting excellent care from vets who really love animals. The staff is friendly & the facility is VERY clean. Thank you Noah's Ark.

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In Memory of Bailey

-Chris and Carol Bailey from Goleta, CA
Pet Name: Bailey

We simply want to say thank you to all the staff at Noah for their extreme professionalism and sensitivity during our labrador's final moments with us. We highly recommend this hospital for those who want personal service when it comes to the needs of the pets as well as their owners. Thank you!

Out of Towners

-Ron Entzminger from Vista, CA
Pet Name: Pnut

Our minpin got a foxtail this morning while vacationing at Refugio State Park. We are so blessed to have found Noah's Ark. They had an opening for us right away and were absolutely wonderful. They probably could have taken advantage of us and charged us anything to get that little monster out of his ear, but that sweet Dr. Shaff and her assistant got it out without sedating little Pnut, and the charges were minimal, to say the least. Thank you, so much. We now have a vet away from home, as we vacation here once a year.

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In Memory of Nicky Luke

-Mark and Dawn Luke from Goleta, CA
Pet Name: Nicky Luke

Nicky was our wonderful, sweet companion for seven years. She gave us days filled with laughter and love. Thank you to the doctors and staff of Noah's Ark for your care and compassion. Nicky is now free from illness and pain. Every day will be filled with sunshine, lots of milk and chicken, and playing with new friends. Our consolation is knowing that we will see her again in heaven someday.

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In Memory of my sweet kitty

-Fred Calleri from Goleta, CA
Pet Name: Tailes

A teary Thank You to the staff at Noah's Ark for their very sweet and compassionate care with me and my cat "Tales" during her final moments. She is no longer in pain, and very likely searching for some blankets to sleep under in heaven. The hugs given to me by the staff made it clear they understood and cared as well. I will soon rescue another kitty and I look forward to all of its love in Tales' honor.