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By Laura O'Steen, Client Care Representative, VCA Noah's Ark
Published: February 01, 2009

Veterinarian on the rise…..Maribel Munoz!!
Maribel Munoz has been working at VCA Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital since June of 2007 and was recently accepted to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Animals have always held a special place in Maribel’s heart. She rescued her first cat, Princess, from the streets on her way home from junior high school one day. She decided to pursue animal medicine after working at Oxnard Veterinary Hospital in high school. Maribel has continued to work with animals since. She spent last summer at La Marina Rescue Center, in Costa Rica, rehabilitating wild and endangered animals. There she did field research on the Howler Monkey, studying their parasites and methods of self-medication. Maribel has also spent time volunteering at the Wildlife Care Network in Santa Barbara assisting in the release of wild birds and small mammals. Maribel can often be seen with her two-year-old rescued Siberian Husky, Shakira. She has also been mom to her Beta fish, Blue, since her first month of college.
Maribel will be graduating with a degree in Biological Sciences at UCSB this year. At UC Davis, she will be pursuing Wildlife Conservation Medicine. She plans to pursue a residency program in Zoological/Wildlife Medicine or work in the field improving the life of wild animals. Congratulations Maribel! We are so proud of you!
Written by Laura O’Steen, Client Care Representative VCA Noah’s Ark