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My Family

-Annie from Newark, DE

The people at VCA Newark Animal Hospital have been part of my family for many years. They have seen me and my beloved cats through health and illness, and yes, helped us through an easy passing when needed. I feel lucky and honored to call them not only my vets and vet hospital, but my friends and family. Bless all of them!

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Excellent Surgery

-Loretta from Newark, DE
Pet Name: Haoli

My dog Hal, a 90 pound border collie, severely broke his hind leg. Dr. Gail Jaeger did an excellent job surgically repairing the leg to the point where Hal was able to walk out of the hospital one day after surgery. His recovery is speeding quickly and well. He got great compassionate care at VCA Delmarva, and after being so traumatized by the break is just the happiest guy to have his leg working so well again.

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Like Family

-Ron Fluehr from Oxford, PA
Pet Name: Maddy and Beck

Just thought I would chime in to thank the staff at VCA Newark for taking care of our 4 legged family for many years. From the time you walk in, everyone treats you like family. I have moved around over the years but always made sure my guys go to Dr Jenn when they are not feeling well or just need a check up.

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Simply the best

Pet Name: SPOOKY BROWNDOG JAC little griz waterbug splasher

Simply the best
I have been taking my pets to VCA Newark for 20+ yrs
Knowledgeable and professional

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Saved My SummerTyme's Life

-Diane F. from Wilmington, DE
Pet Name: SummerTyme

I have been a client of VCA- Newark for three and a half years. During that time, my 3 cats have received outstanding veterinary care by Dr. Lynne Craine and the hospital staff, who treat the animals as if they were their own. Last Fall, my cat, SummerTyme began vomiting several times a day. Despite conservative treatment, SummerTyme continued to vomit. An ultrasound showed an external blockage of one of her ureters, the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder. As a result of the blockage, SummerTyme's kidney was failing and needed to be removed--- immediately. Emergency treatment for a pet is always worrisome, but I was particularly concerned as SummerTyme is a "special needs" cat as she has a small hole in her heart. Under the skilled "magical" hands of Dr. Gayle Jaeger, the bad kidney was removed. After a few days in the ICU, SummerTyme returned home to her brother, Tobey and her sister, Molly. She is now a happy and healthy cat who does not seem to miss her lost kidney. I will always be grateful to the staff at VCA-Newark for their caring and compassion as well as their veterinary expertise-they saved SummerTyme's life!

Comfort In A Dark Hour

-Denise from Newark, DE

I would like to say thank you to Kelly of VCA Newark. On Tuesday June 29 2010, my beloved Am-Staff Samuel finally decided to stop fighting his illness. As he rapidly declined before our eyes, my friend asked me what I wanted to do. I had been wrestling for about a week over when to euthanize. I decided it was time and we called VCA which was recommended by our regular vet.By the time he had called to say we were coming in and prepared the truck, Sammy had given up. Now we were just coming in to give up his remains. Vet Technician Kelly was great to work with. She was very professional, courteous, and kind to us. She made our final goodbye with our beloved pet into a pleasant experience. I was so broken up that I could hardly speak, but Kelly's kind words and reassuring smiles made me feel so much better. Such a wonderful staff member she is.

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Giving Freedom... His Freedom

-Jackie from Pylesville, MD
Pet Name: Freedom

What a struggle its been for my boy, Freedom: He owes his life to the VCA and Dr. Carothers, who rescued and nursed him to overcome neglect and starvation. (A Mastiff whom was approximately 3 to 6 months and 11 pounds.

To the wonderful and compassionate, Dr. Gayle Jaeger, he owes his "Freedom". The ability to walk, when his growth plates closed from his malnutrition. Although, he required multiple surgeries; with more surgeries still some looming in the near future, he is able to have some type of quality of life.

Freedom loves to come see his "friends" at the VCA. He allows comes into the VCA with a wagging tail and bobbing head. (I ask him why every time... because he is always either getting sedated for x-rays or orthopedic surgery.) It is because of their compassion and great care that my boy is always happy to see them.

I will always be grateful to the staff at VCA-Newark for their caring and compassion as well as their veterinary expertise; they are truly giving Freedom his "freedom"!


-Amy McCartan from Newark, DE
Pet Name: Nikki McCartan

Our 11 year old Boxer, Nikki, became very ill during the evening of 11/29/10. We brought her in to VCA Newark. Due to her condition and her age, we had to put Nikki down. The Vet and the techs at VCA Newark were incredible. They were kind and compassionate during a very difficult time. We even received a condolence card signed by all of them. Awesome service...

Thank you

-Adam and Linda Jablonski from Newark, DE
Pet Name: Bella and Lilly

We are writing this to thank the VCA Staff for their great Service. We would especially like to thank Linda Davis; she always goes above and beyond to answer our questions. For the many years that we have been taking our pets to the VCA, Linda has always greeted us with a sincere welcome, she always make us feel comfortable about ensuring our pet's care with the hospital. Not only has Linda been there for us professionally, but also as a friend. Thank you Linda for the great service you have given us over the years.

We would also like to thank Dr. Craine. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of Dr. Craine caring for our pets. Her thoroughness and sincere concern over each and every one of them far exceeds the norm. We feel very fortunate to have Dr Craine as our family vet. She is an excellent veterinarian and it is evident that she loves all animals, but she really makes every patient feel like they are her number one priority.

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Dr. Woodcock

-Nick and Jenn Begin from Elkton, MD
Pet Name: Diesel

Our dog had his dewclaws removed about a week and a half ago and had tore open the incision sight once before and had them restitched. Well, he tore it open for a second time and we had to rush him to the VCA (Newark) at 4am on Saturday. Dr. Woodcock and staff were very helpful and professional, they took him right in and treated our dog like it was their own. We will most certainly brag about Dr. Woodcock and the staff at this VCA location for sure! Thanks for everything! Nick, Jenn and Diesel